"You see results after just 5-10 minutes. Once you watch a few videos your fakes become super effective."



INSTANTLY improve your entire game and create a new world of opportunity on the court. GUARANTEED.

Fakes - they can work like magic, but how to make them work well is a mystery . . .

Until now.

With Art of the Fake you'll discover the simple details that make a fake a work and effective fake moves and techniques you can put in your game TODAY.

You don't have to be super strong, fast or even have crazy handles to get your shot off, blow by defenders or drop insane assists.

If you have convincing fakes you can literally control how your defender moves and create anything you want on the court.

The best part is, fakes are mainly a technique, an art that you can learn in minutes.

With Art of the Fake you'll be performing devastating fakes that make defenders look silly before your next game.

Ready to get started?

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that Art of the Fake will have you faking out defenders way better than before, which is why it’s covered by our 60 day money back guarantee.  If you go through the entire program and apply the game changing tactics, tips and drills and don’t see improvement in your fakes we’ll do whatever it takes to get you results or send you every single penny back.

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Yes!  I want to start faking defenders today with Art of the Fake.

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I had bad fakes and moves.  Every player must have an understanding of what they are doing and how they use it effectively against opponents. Art of the Fake has that. It also really teaches you great moves and how to use fakes properly. It really uses a different approach and teaches everything so clearly. AND IT WORKS BUT OTHERS DON'T!!!  Art of the Fake made me first pick on the court. Now I am able to do anything on the court with just fakes. NEVER EXPECTED THAT.  It has enough to make an 8 year old an NBA player. It gives you everything you need to dominate the court.
-Simon Lee

i have been using art of fake since this summer and the program gives instant results.  it gives me confidence on the court to get pass the defense.  the program is full of techniques and tactics.  its a complete program.  gives you a power to fake out defenders.
-Japjot Kang

It's a game changer it helps with everything in your game.  Its helped so much.  My control of the ball is better.  It's helped me to play like Steph Curry.

I've been using it for about two weeks and saw a difference immediately. I wanted to improve my game. I didn't know what I didn't know. It freezes the defender and keeps them guessing. I wouldn't be able to stay sharp. How easy it is to fake defenders if you do it right. Understanding how to use your whole body to sell the fake. It's simple yet very effective. Making the game easier and more fun. Nothing in my opinion. Playing pickup ball this weekend when I able to fake players for drive to hoop and an open shot at will. Improving my ball control and ball handling speed.

Results came almost immediately. It works to help you see and understand things like angles, or reading defenders which are key to being able to beat people in games.  What sets Art of the Fake apart from other programs is Jesse's attention to detail and his ability to communicate what he is teaching in an understandable way.  I was playing in a pick up game and driving at my defender, I hesitated, read his body positioning and blew by him.  That's when I knew the program was working.
-Patrick Heaviside

I'm an unathletic undersized guard. Art of the Fake teaches players how to get open and create separation.  It's helped me beat people I couldn't beat before. I knew the program was making me better when there was player I could never cross, and I hit him with a hesitation and made him stumble.

DIGITAL COPY – Instant Online Access

Yes!  I want to start faking defenders today with Art of the Fake.

Retail Price $620

Now Just $97

Order Securely 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Here's What You're Getting

Fake Elements

Value – $70

Discover each crucial element that goes into a fake that sends defenders running in the wrong direction, jumping for no reason and frees you up to do whatever you want on the court.  Whether it’s a shot fake, dribble fake or pass fake you need to have these elements in order to be effective in selling the fake.

Fake Techniques

Value – $30

There are different ways you can execute a fake with the way you set it up and how you move.  In order for your fakes to work you need to know when to use each fake, how to set it up, and how to move during the fake.  You can learn how to do the 5 major types of fakes in minutes and be juking defenders by your next game.

Dribble/Drive Fake Moves

Value – $60

You’ll have a ton of options for getting past your defender and creating space with these dribble & drive fake moves.  Once you master these techniques you’ll be able create what you want for yourself at will.  We also go a step beyond just giving you fake moves and teach you ho

Fake Variations

Value – $50

In seconds you’ll know how to create an infinite amount of variations on each fake, which creates an infinite amount of new opportunities on the court.  Discover how you can change each dribble fake to make a defender move in different ways and keep them guessing what you’ll do next.  This gives you even more power over how, where and when your defender moves so you can easily do what you want on the court.

Art of the Shot Fake

Value $30

Of all the fakes you can do, shot fakes (when done correctly) will leave your defender at the biggest disadvantage and make the game easiest for you.  Once you get your defender jumping they have no chance of guarding you.  In these move breakdowns we teach you how to quickly master 2 powerful options to get your defender jumping and show you the details that take the mystery out of making shot fakes effective.

Pass Fake Moves

Value – $70

Pass fakes work like a charm in games because most players don’t do them often.  The key to make pass fakes work throughout a game is having a variety of them so defenders can’t anticipate one over and over.  These 7 pass fakes (including 3 different fake behind the backs) will have your defenders swinging at air for imaginary basketballs, leaving you wide open lanes to score.  You might make the crowd go wild, too.

Setups For Fakes

Value – $50

Your fakes are only as good as your setups and we teach you some DEADLY ways to set your defender up.  In minutes you’ll know how to do everything from bait your defender into a “trap” to forcing them to move in the wrong direction, and even “hypnotizing” them.  These methods will take all of your fakes and make them twice as effective, and they’re ridiculously easy to learn.

Fake Drills & Practice Tips

Value $30

You get a dead simple way to create your own drills to perfect every single fake you can think of.  This way you can work on fakes that best fit your skill set and game, and add in some fakes drills to your current workout.  You also get the key to making your fakes most effective in the game, which is crucial to creating space, getting past defenders and putting up more points and assists.

Selling Fakes Secrets

Value – $80

We jam-packed in an entire secrets section to ensure your fakes are consistently effective.  Any one of these secrets can be the difference between your fakes working, you scoring, and how much your coach plays you.  Discover powerful tactics to make entire teams move, make your fakes work every time, and much more.  A player with killer fakes changes games, gets scholarships, and plays pro.

Plus 9 Bonuses!

Complete "Art of the Fake" Checklists

For each section of this program we're giving you complete checklists so you can quickly and easily check to make sure you're covering all the important details in your fakes and that you're never out of options for ways to dismantle a defender.  Keeping these things on the top of your mind is key to doing them effectively in games.

Next Level Fakes

Insert this method of combining your fakes to double their effectiveness and really mess with your defenders head.  You can start doing this in your game right away and keep your defender guessing what you're going to do at all times.  A defender who's always guessing is a defender that you control!

Total Embarrassment Setup

This simple setup move may get your defender a spot on the bench after you pull it off. Not only will this move setup be completely embarrassing for your defender, but you'll actually fake them out so bad that people will probably laugh.

After the Fake

What you do after the fake is just as important as the fake itself. If you're not effective at driving, passing or getting your shot off after the fake, then your fake was for nothing. This crucial bonus will show you how to make sure you're effective after every one of your fakes so you can really separate from your defender, score more and get more assists.

Jerky Fake

This streetball inspired move is a completely legal way to freeze defenders, make them jump, or even run in the wrong direction. You can do this simple dribble move in a variety of ways to create a ton of different options on the court.

Maze Combo

Discover a 2 dribble combo, that when done with very specific footwork will be easy for you to do, but have your defender feel like like they're running through a maze. You can use this combo in 2 ways - to create space for a jump-shot, or to drive to the basket.

The Brain-Frier

This unique two fake combination is going to really setup your defender to go running in the wrong direction and confuse them so bad their brain will be fried. With this sneaky 2-step attack you'll fake your defender so bad that they'll fear you for the rest of the game.

How to Sell Your Inside Out Between  the Legs Fake

The inside out between the legs move is a great way to catch defenders off guard, but the way most players do this move doesn't work for actually faking your defender out. In this breakdown we reveal how to execute the move cleanly, the big mistake most players make when doing this move, and a simple tweak to fix it.

How to Sell Your Reverse Inside Out Between the Legs Fake

Much like the regular inside out between the legs dribble, most players miss out on some important execution points that make sure the move is effective. In this step by step breakdown we show you how to master one of the trickiest moves for defenders to guard.

DIGITAL COPY – Instant Online Access

Yes!  I want to start faking defenders today with Art of the Fake.

Retail Price $620

Now Just $97

Order Securely 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Get Devastating Fakes Before Your Next Game

Instant Digital Access 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

You get instant online access to Art of the Fake after purchasing, so you can discover ways to juke defenders right away. The program is completely online and works on all computers and mobile devices, so you can bring the entire program with you to the court!

You Can Start Faking Defenders Right NOW

You get instant online access to Art of the Fake after purchasing, so you can discover ways to juke defenders right away. The program is completely online and works on all computers and mobile devices, so you can bring the entire program with you to the court!

53 Tactics, Secrets and Moves

Any ONE of these techniques and moves can create another 6-8 points per game and have you to faking out defenders like crazy, but you're getting 53 of them.  Imagine what this can do for your game.  The best part is, since they're techniques you can add them to your game right NOW, and start faking out defenders better than ever by your next game.

Complete Art of the Fake Checklists

Never run out of ideas for how to fake out your defender, and make sure you're execution is on point with these convenient checklists.  Bring these checklists with you to the court to guarantee you're keeping these powerful concepts at the top of your mind and you'll see a huge difference in the way you play.

60 Day Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll get BIG results with Art of the Fake to that we're backing it by a 60 day money back guarantee.  Go through the program and try the tactics, techniques and moves.  If you go through the entire program and aren't finding any fakes or techniques that are changing your game we'll do whatever it takes to get you results or give you every penny back.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

DIGITAL COPY – Instant Online Access

Yes!  I want to start faking defenders today with Art of the Fake.

Retail Price $620

Now Just $97

Order Securely 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Before You Get Art Of The Fake, Here's Some Answers To Some Common Questions, So You Know It's Right For You

Who is this program for?

All basketball players. Whether you’re a big man or a guard, this program will teach you how to setup and breakdown defenders with devastating fakes. You’ll learn everything from shot fakes, to pass and dribble fakes and unique ways to set defenders up for each of these. The key to making your fakes work is in the execution of them, and we teach you all the details to deadly execution in this program.

Why did you make Art of the Fake?

After surveying thousands of athletes we found that the most common thing players wanted help with was learning how to create space from defenders and how to get past defenders. We realized that not all athletes have the same level of ball handling ability, speed or athleticism. With this in mind we knew we needed to create a program that would instantly help players of all types and abilities be able to create space and get past defenders. The best way to do this is through fakes, because they are something all players can use and they can be learned in minutes.

What do I need for this program?

Just a basketball. Other than that, you just be ready to discover some great techniques that will instantly impact your game!

Is this an online product or will it be shipped to me?

This product is completely online. By making the program digital you can access it on the go and in a variety of ways including smartphones, tablets, laptops and home computers. This way you can bring the entire program with you to the gym. Plus you can access the program in seconds after you’ve purchased it and get started – no waiting for shipping!

What age and what level player is Art of the Fake for?

All ages and all levels. This program gives all the details on properly setting up and using fakes as well as how and when to use them on defenders. These are techniques that players of every level can immediately add to their game and benefit from.

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards. If you don’t have a credit or debit card you can securely link your bank account to Paypal to make safe payments online.

What do I do if I need help?

You’re just an email away from support. You can contact us anytime at gethandles@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to help.

DIGITAL COPY – Instant Online Access

Yes!  I want to start faking defenders today with Art of the Fake.

Retail Price $620

Now Just $97

Order Securely 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week