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You will DOUBLE your results with Speed Handles 2

Speed Handles 2

"Even though I'm a Power Forward/Center, I'm still able to cross the heck out of people and demolish them in a game, I just wanted to write this to say thanks man, you've changed my life so much and I'm happy with my abilities, which don't just help with basketball, but everyday life."

You won't find another program like Speed Handles out there - you'll learn how to dribble so fast you blur the ball in just a few weeks.  In fact, by the end of the full 12 week program you'll be able to dribble 3 basketballs at once! With a multifaceted approach to attack every element of a blazing fast handles, and cutting edge training techniques that you won't find anywhere else, this program's 6 workouts are way ahead of the curve.

What Will Speed Handles 2 Do For You?

  • Get elite level handles
  • Pull off rapidfire moves
  • Improve control over the ball with both hands
  • Blow by defenders with your fast first step
  • Create easy shots in games with your handles
  • Become almost impossible to steal the ball from

Here's What You're Getting:

118 Drills

Designed To Dramatically Improve Your Ball Handling Speed

Speed Mentality - Mental Tricks for INSTANT Speed


- A crucial tip to amplify your speed gains and eliminate habits that will actually make you a worse ball handler

- 2 easy mind tricks that will accelerate your ball handling speed

- Learn how to use your speed so you can score more points and get more assists

- A quick tip that will INSTANTLY improve your first step speed and ball handling speed

Speed Training Concepts


- 1 key that ensures your ball handling training is always effective

- Learn what the 2 types of speed are and the 4 training methods that will develop both of them

- Find out how you can make the most of your time and maximize your results while TRAINING LESS

- Discover the biggest mistake most 'good' ball handlers make and how you can avoid it

- Learn how to use the program to get the most results for your ability level

- One HUGE mistake players make when training for speed and an easy fix for it

Agility Training


- 28 drills with detailed instruction on proper execution so you get results faster

- Train game specific moves in a way that forces you to adapt to a new level of speed

- Unique drills that boost your speed while improving your ability to protect the basketball

- 2 drills that will enhance your foot speed and coordination

- Learn how to fake defenders BAD and propel your crossovers into overdrive in one drill

- Drastically improve your total body coordination with a set of unique and challenging drills

- A drill that uses your whole body to put your handles into hyper-speed

Power Dribbling


- Discover a training technique that 'tricks' your body into being lightning fast and makes the ball feel weightless

- Learn how to dribble in a way that makes defenders afraid to try to steal the ball

- A 'mechanical' approach to dribbling for explosive results

- Learn the proper mechanics of the entire dribble motion

- Develop a devastating combination dribble that will send defenders flying

- A drill that teaches you to combine power with control in your dribbling for ridiculous handles

NEW - Reception & Control Speed


- 12 drills with detailed instruction on proper execution so you get results faster

- 3 drills that will turbo-boost your overall hand agility

- Develop a 'sixth sense' and cat-quick reflexes in minutes with one simple drill

- Learn a drill that develops your overall ball handling ability, body coordination and hand speed all at once

- An unorthodox variation on a classic drill that gives you an instant speed boost

- Weird drill that teaches you ridiculous ball control and agility at the same time

Complex Coordination Efficiency


- Learn simple drills that eliminate all the tiny 'leaks' in your movements that prevent you from having maximum speed and control with the basketball

- Secrets to developing pro-level ball handling coordination so you can score more points, get more assists and get more playing time

- Learn a technique that will take all of your dribbling moves and make them faster AND feel easier to do 

- Get that pro level controlled but quick handle

NEW - Contrast Circuit


- This whole new way of approaching ball handling training is going to take your speed, strength and power to new heights

- Learn how to take this new speed, strength and power and apply to your ball handling

- Develop strength and stability in your core, chest, shoulders, arms, and hands

Raw Strength & Power


- 1 simple drill that will get your nervous system firing for more power output

- This drill will develop explosive strength in your chest, shoulders, wrists and hands

- Do all of this while still improving your feel and grip on the ball

Controlled Power


- Drills that force you to dribble more powerfully while controlling the ball with complex coordinations such as inside-out dribbles, and outside-in dribbles

- An innovative new drill that adds a whole new kind of resistance to your power dribbling

- Learn how to take this new power and harness it into lightning fast controlled dribbling

- Some new drills that develop your rhythm in ball handling, allowing you to catch defenders off guard

- Learn how to attack hard with one dribble so you can make the most of it

NEW - Overspeed Training


- The world's first ever overspeed training for ball handling

- This unique way of training gives your body no other choice but to dribble the ball faster

- Develop the ability to take this speed and make it habit in your ball handling

NEW - Ball Handling Plyometrics


- Groundbreaking new ways to break out of your comfort zone and dribble faster and more powerfully than you ever have before

- Develop power on moves like your standard dribble, crossovers and shamgods

- Some 2 ball drills that will keep you improving both your dribbling power and speed every time you practice

Raw Hand Speed


- Improve your overall hand speed without the basketball, and then learn how to bring that speed into your dribbling

- Unique new drills will develop your reflexes, ball control, reception control speed, overall body coordination, and much more

- A drill that teaches you to move quickly while in a low position, a habit that is CRUCIAL for any ball handler to be effective in games

Speed Taps & Low Combos


- Work on game specific combinations in a way that makes you develop your speed

- Impress friends, coaches and scouts with these complex, low dribbling drills

- Develop your ability to dribble the ball low and fast while in different positions around your body, a skill that is huge for game situations with tight defenders

- Get insane footwork and full body coordination

NEW - First Step Explosion


- A set of new, simple and effective drills that will make your first step faster, stronger and longer, all while teaching you how to control the ball and use proper footwork

- A crazy new drill that will get you footwork and explosiveness that will impress ANYONE, all while improving your conditioning and ball control

- Develop an explosive step in ALL directions, with BOTH feet.  This is a skill that is majorly overlooked by players and coaches alike

Moving Combos


- A set of combo moves that will develop your ability to pull of rapid-fire dribble while on the move

- Get ultra-confident with these combos that you can bust out in game at any time and blow by defenders

- Learn how to control the basketball while on the move and properly coordinate your dribbling with your footwork

Speed Challenge: Workout Finisher 1


- Push your handles to a new level with 5 highly challenging, elite level drills

- Improve coordination with both hands

- 2 drills that force your hands to be blazing fast

- Develop your ability to get control of the ball more quickly on each dribble

- Build a rapid-fire double crossover

- Improve the strength in overlooked but important muscles

Speed Challenge: Workout Finisher 2.0


- Advanced 2 ball drills that push your ball handling speed and control even further with new combo moves

- A 2 ball drill that develops your footwork along with your speed, rhythm, focus, and ball control

- Build strength and control in your hands, fingers and forearms with a strangely simple drill

- Learn a drill that takes incredible hand speed, control and concentration, all while working on game specific combos.  Once you get this drill down, you'll be able to "wow" anyone that see you do it.

NEW - 3 Ball Challenge


- I'm going to officially put you on what I call the "speed demon" level

- These 3 ball drills will work almost every aspect of your dribbling motion - hand speed, dribble strength, reception control speed, dribbling precision, rhythm, focus, and sooooo much more

- I break down the drills with super slow motion so you can clearly and easily understand how to perform them

- These drills will be a challenge at first, but you'll see big improvements in the drills and your overall ball handling fast, and once you've mastered them you will get a huge confidence boost, not to mention a lot of attention from anyone that sees you doing them

Wall Challenge


- Quickly improve your hand strength, ball control, passing and catching ability with these simple, but challenging drills

- Take your ball control to a whole new level

NEW - Tracking


- This new element of Speed Handles is the ultimate way to make sure you are improving every single practice

- See EXACTLY how much faster you've got each practice and how much you're improving

- Keep yourself challenged and motivated as you compete with the most competitive training partner out there - yourself

- Sharpen game specific moves and get a feel for the maximum speed that you can comfortably control the ball

Speed Secrets


- Throughout the program you'll get secrets into how and why the drills will improving your speed and overall ball handling

- You also get secrets on how to get even more results out of your Speed Handles training or any other training

- Gain an understanding of how to make the most of the entire program

6 Workouts + Progressive Program Guide


- Push your handles to a new level with 5 highly challenging, elite level drills

- Improve coordination with both hands

- 2 drills that force your hands to be blazing fast

- Develop your ability to get control of the ball more quickly on each dribble

- Build a rapid-fire double crossover

- Improve the strength in overlooked but important muscles

Complete Workout Checklists


- Quickly check what drills you need to do and get through workouts faster for better results

- Great way to make sure you're doing all of your drills every day

- Convenient to print out and bring to the gym

We Are Including 4 FREE Bonuses:

Mental Domination


- Learn the keys to dominating every aspect of the game, both now and in the long term

- 2 simple mental tactics to make you play better in games right NOW

- Find out a CRUCIAL mental element to making your moves more effective

Fast First Step Secret


- FInd out how to make your first step faster, longer and more explosive with just one exercise

- You’ll get past defenders a lot easier with your new deadly first step

Weak Hand Tweaker


- Eliminate the idea of having a weak hand with these 3 drills

- Improving your weak hand makes you TWICE as hard to guard so you can score more points, get more assists and have superstar level handles

Total Game Enhancer


- This one SIMPLE drill can literally be done ANYWHERE, and will improve your ability in every aspect of the game

- This exercise will keep you one step ahead of everyone on the court and give you next level awareness

Here's What People Are Saying...

Wallace Haggins

I knew when I started Speed Handles it was going to be crazy. The drills were a little different but I noticed a big difference in my handles each and every time I go play pickup. Even at times I feel like a pro handler like it’s crazy. I would advise anyone who wants to play ball and not be a bench warmer to get the program it’s the real deal.

Wallace Haggins
Salvador Bermudez

The Speed Handles program has helped me a lot.  I’ve always had better handles than most, but the other day in gym class I felt unstoppable.  I made two people fall, and it happened so fast I didn’t notice till after the play was over.  Thank you so much for making this program I love it!

Salvador Bermudez
Adrian Henriquez

In my opinion Speed Handles could be one of the greatest programs if done right. You can do it anywhere where there is a concrete floor and get crazy results. I did it myself for about 2 months and it was challenging but the results where very good. I developed faster speed, a more powerful dribble, I can dribble very, very low and my handles felt incredible and my weak hand felt stronger. This program was very good, I’m considering doing it again in the future.

Adrian Henriquez

Man thanks for everything, you’ve changed my game soo much and handles, even though I’m a Power Forward/Center, I’m still able to cross the heck out of people and demolish them in a game, I just wanted to write this to say thanks man, you’ve changed my life so much and I’m happy with my abilities, which don’t just help with basketball, but everyday life.

Daniel Bada

I’m officially a starter in my team and a big part of coming off the bench I owe to you thanks alot and I will never forget what you’ve done to me.

Abdlla Sharof


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Yes!  I want to change my game with Speed Handles 2 right now.

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