Top 3 Vertical Jump



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Top 3 Exercises For Vertical Jump

1. Pistol Squats

Pistols are one of the most challenging strength exercises you can do for your legs, and the great part is you don't need weights to do them.  You'll also develop stability throughout your body, so you can direct more of your force where you want it - to the rim!

2. Hollow Rockers

EVERY athlete needs a strong core to maximize their speed and power, and this is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to vertical jump.  A strong core helps you transfer from the ground all the way up through your body for maximum height.  

Think of it this way - imagine a rocket made of jelly.  What would happen if it tried to launch?  It would splatter all over, and MAYBE some of it would go upwards.  A rocket is made of strong, stiff materials so all of that energy from the blast pushes it straight up.  Hollow rockers make your body a rocket body.

3a. Accelerated Eccentrics

These will train your muscle's "stretch reflex" so they act like rubber bands that are pulled apart and launch you upwards.  You'll also develop the ability to get off the ground more quickly and powerfully.

3b. Cycle Hops

The cycle hop is a great bodyweight alternative to accelerated eccentrics, that will not only improve your body's "stretch reflex", but will also develop your body control and coordination while in the air.  The result is you jumping higher and be able to do more once you're in the air.  In other words - you'll be able to score more easily around the rim.

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