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  • Game Time Play Primer: The Game Time Play Primer will give you an instant edge in your training and over your competition.  This workout will immediately prime your body to be faster, stronger, more flexible, and more coordinated – all while improving your ball handling ability. This workout alone will give you a faster first step, a crisper handle and more agile cuts so you can score more points, dish out more assists and give the defense fits.
  • The Handles Plan: Discover the secret “road-map” that I developed to take thousands of players from below average ball handlers into elite ankle breaking machines.  This is guide shows you exactly what it takes to develop ball handling like the pros and eliminate all weaknesses in your handles.
  • Get Handles Daily Tips: Every single day you’ll get an issue of the Get Handles Daily Tips delivered to your email inbox.  You’ll get explosive tips, secrets, advice, motivation, workouts and more!  These daily tips will help you take your game to the next level and keep you motivated and inspired.[/green_tick_1_list]

This is all FREE!  If you’re reading this right now, it’s because you take your game seriously and want the best ball handling training you can get.  These free gifts alone will give you a huge, noticeable improvement in your game instantly.  However, developing pro-level ball handling ability does take time, effort and consistency.   That being said, if you’re willing to stick with this training, I guarantee you will get radically better and faster results than with any other training out there.  Enter you email and get started now!

[content_box width=”50%”][/content_box] [order_box_2 width=”80%” + border=”4px”] “Jesse Muench…has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn” Jesse Muench has the total package, that’s what separates him from any self-proclaimed basketball guru. His on court skills are just there waiting for you to admire them: the man can handle the basketball like nobody’s business and is a nightmare to guard for any defender. On top of that, he has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His “step by step” approach will guide you through every key point of a move, drill, or exercise. His explanations are so effective and clear they can even be appreciated by the international audience, and his insight is so deep that anyone will find something new to learn, even those who know the “how & when” of basketball from personal experiences or teachings from previous coaches. In 5 words: this man is the deal. – Enzo Savoca[/order_box_2] [order_box_2 width=”80%” + border=”4px”] “In just one year this man made me into a killer point guard” William DiazJesse is the real deal.  If you want to know how to handle the ball like a pro fast, you’ve come to the greatest trainer on the subject.  In just one year this man made me into a killer point guard, and that was before I got into the U.S.  When I got to America even the strongest, fastest players weren’t even able to steal the ball from me.  He made me see the game so easy, but hey that’s what you get when you see things through his eyes. – William Diaz[/order_box_2] [order_box_2 width=”80%” + border=”4px”] “Jesse Muench’s training has helped me take my game to a new level!” Jesse Muench’s training has helped me take my game to a new level! He doesn’t just teach you how to mock certain moves, but how to do them effectively and when to use them in game situations. My handles are already much tighter than before I started training with Jesse and I can now get to where I want on the court using an arsenal of moves. – J. Richardson[/order_box_2] [content_box width=”50%”]

[/content_box]Before You Begin

This is Important . . .

Improving you ball handling is not easy and takes passion, planning, practice, and perseverance.  If you’re not willing to attack your training with these qualities you’re not going to reach goals.

If you want some gimmicky program with a lot of marketing hype then these methods probably aren’t for you.  This is time tested, results proven training for serious basketball players.  I’ve tried every drill and training method you can think of and created a lot of my own training methods, and I only deliver what works.

If you’re one of those basketball players that are willing to put time and effort into a proven plan, then you’ve come to the right place.

Sign up now and let’s get you moving towards your goals.

Finally, it does not matter what your ability level is.  I’ve worked with basketball players that are absolute beginners and I’ve worked with NBA players.  I will show you proven methods that you have never seen before, regardless of your experience.

Whether you’ve tried a million different programs and training methods or have never even touched a basketball, I am willing to work with you, as long you’re willing to put in the time and stick with my training, I will put in the time and stick with you!  Together, we’ll achieve your goals!

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