"I'm Searching For 'Handle-Geeks' To Join Me At

HandleLab Live."

"If I Think You're A Certified 'Handle-Geek'... We'll Work Together In A SMALL Group Session Where I'll Show You The Exact Step By Step Process You Need To Create & Tweak YOUR OWN NASTY Moves & Combos - And You'll Learn This In Just 2 Days!

HandleLab Live Will Take Place August 12 & 13

There Are Only 15 Spots In The 'HandleLab Live' Available. 

If This Page Is Online Right Now, That Means There's Still A Few Spots Available...

Apply Now For 'HandleLab Live'I'm Looking For QUICK Action Takers - This Will Sell Out Fast!

Must Be 18 Years Or Older To Apply, And Must Be Able To Travel To Wisconsin.  If You're Younger Than 18, Please Have A Parent Apply For You.

Why Jesse Muench's 'HandleLab Live' Will

Change The Way You Look At Ball Handling Forever

My name is Jesse Muench, and I'm a "handle-geek".  

For over 12 years I've been working closely with basketball players, streetballers, and freestylers of all levels.  

I've been showing them how to think outside the box with their ball handling, refine it, quickly take it next level, and come up with innovative new ideas in the art and science of ball handling.  

In 'HandleLab Live', I'm going to take you through my top-secret method for coming up with new moves and tweaking moves.

It's basically the entire engine behind my ball handling ability and my basketball training business... so yeah, it's REALLY valuable.

I don't teach this method on YouTube, in my programs, or anywhere else. 

The ONLY place to learn it is in HandleLab.

Since I'm always busy making videos for one of the biggest basketball YouTube channels, creating new programs, and working with big NBA stars and companies like Nike, ESPN, and Red Bull, my time is very limited.

Every year I get hundreds of messages from players who want to work with me, but since my time is so limited I can't work with most people.

Plus honestly, I don't want a lot of people knowing this method I use to create and tweak moves.

So it's VERY rare that there's any openings to work with me in HandleLab.

But if you can see this page right now, then a few spots are open.

You have an extremely limited time opportunity to get one of these hard-to-get spots.

So here's how you can get in (and what it will do for YOU!)...

First, you will apply to join HandleLab Live.

Next, If I Think You're A Good Fit Here's What Will Happen...

  • 1st

    If I think you're a good fit, I will contact you within 72 hours (3 days) via email to complete your signup and lock your spot in. If you have any questions about HandleLab Live you'll be able to get a hold of me through that same email.

  • 2nd

    From there, you'll have 3 days to get signed up and lock your spot in. I'm looking for people that are passionate about handling the basketball, and are action takers, so if you don't get your spot locked in within 3 days, your chance will be gone.

  • 3rd

    Once you're locked in you're officially on your way to becoming a Handle-Geek, a Handle-Artist, a Mad Dribbling Scientist!

If you get accepted to 'HandleLab Live', this is what happens next...

You'll hop on a flight, train, car, boat, or whatever it takes to come to work with me (Coach Jesse Muench) in person.

'HandleLab Live' will take place just outside of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, just an hour north of Milwaukee.

Our area has some of the most beautiful weather in the world during the summer, and Fond du Lac often makes the list of magazine and websites "Best Places To Live" lists.

You'll be training in the St. Cloud Civic Center - the SAME gym you've seen in my current YouTube videos!

This gym is perfect, because it's in a small town area that's free of distractions, so we can stay focused on what really matters - your handles!

At 'HandleLab Live' We'll Go Deep Into:

  • Developing New Moves

    I’ll walk you through the step by step process that I use to come up with new moves.

    If you want to know how to create moves that SHOCK and WOW people, this is for you…

    Or if you want to get better at breaking ankles with a limitless set of perfected moves, this is also for you.

    I guarantee this will be the most detailed, in depth, and thought-provoking approach to developing moves you’ll ever experience.

    This is something I don’t teach on YouTube, in my programs, or ANYWHERE else.

    It’s literally the “secret sauce” and the fuel behind my ability to continually come up with new moves and tweaks for them.

    In other words, this method is what has allowed me to have such a successful basketball career and ball handling training business.

    Whether you want to come up with more effective fundamental moves, or insane new trick moves, this process will cover it better than anything you’ll ever see.

    It will change the way you look at ball handling, and the way that you handle the ball forever.

    Just by going through this method you’ll improve your ball handling dramatically, and will know how to keep improving for the rest of your life.

    Once you go through this process:

    • Coming up with crazy and effective new ideas will be a breeze
    • Your understanding of moves and ball handling will be deeper than most “gurus” out there
    • Nearly everything in ball handling will become crystal clear
    • Your ball handling will transform in minutes, and you’ll know how to keep transforming it for years to come
  • Tweaking Moves To Perfection

    This same method for creating new moves will also show you exactly how to tweak your moves to perfection.

    You’ll discover:

    • How to make your moves more effective in games
    • Ways to make your moves look more shifty
    • Techniques to sell fakes
    • How you can make your moves look “cooler”
    • Techniques for making your moves confusing to the defender
    • And much more than I can fit on this page!
  • Creating Combos

    The method you’ll learn for creating moves will already give you limitless options for new moves, but when you add combos to the equation, your options absolutely EXPLODE.

    I’ll reveal:

    • How to come up with combos that work on defenders
    • Secrets to developing infinte combo options
    • Ways to make combos moves that look crazy
    • Methods for developing weird, and unique combos
    • Secrets to make your combo moves quicker
    • Plus tons more interesting secrets that I don’t teach on YouTube or in my programs!

Bonuses For People That Are Accepted To 'HandleLab Live'

  • Prizes For Winners Of Contests And Competitions
  • 3 FREE Get Handles Programs Included
  • Exclusive #HandleGeek T-Shirts
  • Shout Outs On Social Media
  • Get Featured On The Get Handles YouTube Channel!
  • Plus More Secret Bonuses That You Can Bring Home From The Sessions!

Who's Coach Jesse Muench?

And Why Should You Want To Work With Him?

Coach Muench is one of the best ball handling coaches in the world right now.  He's also continually a student of the game, looking for new ways to improve.  

He's worked with some of the biggest names in the NBA, such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, Chris Paul, and more.  He's also recognized as one of the top talents in streetball and freestyle handles, and has worked with some of the top names in those areas such as Hot Sauce, Pat the Rock, and Kamikaze.  He uses his skill, experience and knowledge to help people think, play and train outside the box in ways that make sense.

Coach Muench is the founder of one of the largest basketball training channels on YouTube (Get Handles Basketball) and has helped millions of players around the world become entirely new players with his unique training methods and teaching style.  He has also been featured by some of the biggest companies in the world such as ESPN, Nike, Red Bull, EA Sports, Jordan, the NCAA, and more.

He is excited to show you a NEW of approaching ball handling, and HandleLab Live is the perfect way to get his one on one attention so you can look at handles an entirely new way in just 2 days!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ages Are Allowed In This?

HandleLab Live is open to players of ALL ages.  The methods taught can be applied to players of ANY age or level of ability.  The main thing we’re looking for is players that are PASSIONATE about handles!

Are Hotel And Travel Included?

No, travel and hotel are NOT included.

Will There Be Food At The Sessions?

We will have some fruit (apples, bananas, oranges) available for before and during the sessions, and have food catered for lunch each day right at the gym.  If you’re a very particular about what you eat you may want to bring something just in case!

What Do I Need To Bring?

Just basketball clothes (shoes, shorts, shirt), and if you have a good basketball bring that, too!  We have some basketballs at the gym, but they are a bit worn.  Beside that, bring a great attitude, an open mind, and being willing to both learn and EXPERIMENT a TON!

Can Parents/Siblings Watch The Sessions?

Most definitely! The gym has a bleacher area, a meeting room, and wi-fi! Parents, children and siblings are more than welcome to watch, ask questions, and learn as much as they can!

*NO videotaping of the event is allowed, but pictures are OK!

What If I Have Questions About The Sessions?

If you’re accepted, Coach Muench will send you an email so you can ask any questions you have before or during the sessions!


This LIVE, in-person experience is available to ONLY 15 players.  We DON'T want a lot of players to ensure there is personal attention for you from me (Coach Muench). This allows me to really work with everyone individually, and allows everyone to bounce ideas off of each other as well.  This will give you the best experience possible during the sessions.

This is limited to the FIRST 15 players who are accepted, and WILL sell out FAST.

Apply Now For 'HandleLab Live'I'm Looking For QUICK Action Takers - This Will Sell Out Fast!

Must Be 18 Years Or Older To Apply, And Must Be Able To Travel To Wisconsin.  If You're Younger Than 18, Please Have A Parent Apply For You.