"I'm Guaranteeing That This Is The Best Ball Handling Program Ever. Seriously, I Might Have A Shot For Going Pro."

Sick Of Long, Boring Workouts That Don't Get Results? These Short, Unique Workouts Develop Multiple Skills At Once And Get You CRAZY Handles!

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6th Sense

Here's What You'll Improve:

Ball Handling Speed
Ball Control (CRAZY Next Level)
Court Vision & Awareness
MUCH More!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that if you do these workouts you’re going to see massive improvements in your ball handling, court vision, and footwork.  If you go through the program and don’t see results we’ll do whatever it takes to get you those results or give you every penny back.

The Results of Most 1 Hour Workouts in Just 10-15 Minutes

These never-seen-before drills will get you incredible ball control, footwork, moves, and court awareness faster than any other drills you'll find.  You'll be able to weave the ball around defender's without even looking at them, and dribble the ball with pinpoint accuracy, making you an unstoppable force off the dribble.  These workouts can be done alone or with any Get Handles programs so you get you better, faster results.

Retail $350

Now Just $47

(Just One Payment Gets You LIFETIME Access)

Here's What You're Getting:

Spatial Awareness Workout

These remarkable drills will develop ball handling abilities that no other drills even touch on. You'll learn how to know where the basketball is at all times, to the point where you can move the ball around objects without even looking at them. These stationary and on-the-move drills will develop next level ball control, body awareness, court awareness, timing and peripheral vision. These are the types of skills that allow you to dominate defenders without even focusing on them.

Boss of the Cross Workout

This workout uses some simple new drills that will develop an amazing combination of ball control, footwork, moves, court awareness and conditioning while developing your crossovers. You'll learn how to do your moves with rapidfire footwork and at every angle imaginable. You'll get laser precise control over the ball while on the move and turn your weak hand into a force to be reckoned with. On top of that you're going to get a good sweat going so late in games you're still fresh while the competition is out of gas. Add all this together and you'll intimidate any defender that tries to step in front of you.

Explosive Vision Workout

Develop an explosive first step, supernatural court awareness, unshakable focus, and so much control over the ball that it feels like a glove. These drills bring together elements and pieces of some of the most proven drills for a whole new workout experience. You'll learn how to to stay in a low stance and explode into action, while seeing the floor and keeping masterful control over the ball the entire time. You'll also see some tremendous improvements with your weak hand. After you get done with this workout I'll feel sorry for anyone who tries to 'D' you up.

Advanced Spatial Awareness Workout

Most (if not all) other players aren't even hitting on spatial awareness and you'll already be going advanced levels. We're talking about dribbling 2 basketballs and evading objects with your eyes closed. Try telling me that's not next level ball control and court awareness. If you can do these drills, you won't even worry about dealing with a defender, you'll just decide HOW you want to dismantle them.

Super Cross Control Workout

By mixing in some creative new uses for cones and a second basketball you'll get crossover control like no one else has. You'll be able to move the ball with absolute precision on all of your crossovers, giving you the ability to make those adjustments of inches that are crucial in games. While most people have one set way of doing a between the legs crossover you'll develop a variety of ways to do it by working on new angles of ball movement and different body positions. These are the details that separate good ball handlers and elite ones.

Workout Checklists

Get the most out of your workouts with these convenient workout checklists. They will help you stay on track and dominate each of these workouts even faster. Plus they ensure you're doing all the game changing drills each time you hit the court. We've found that checklists keep athletes accountable and get them most results out of our programs.

Plus 2 FREE Bonuses!

Using Your 6th Sense

After gaining this next level ball control and awareness you'll want to make the most of your new skills.  This bonus teaches you how to quickly translate your new abilities into games and tap into a their power.  This will allow you to do more than just break down your defender and start dominating entire teams.

5 Things Every Coach Wants From A Guard

There are 5 qualities and abilities that every coach and scout wants from a guard, and if you want to get maximum exposure and playing time you need to have all 5.  Get the details on exactly what you need to do to get noticed and get more minutes.

Retail $350

Now Just $47

(Just One Payment Gets You LIFETIME Access)

You Get Instant Program Access

Instant Online Access 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

You get instant online access to 6th Sense after purchasing, so you can get started on those ankle breaking handles right away.  The program works on all computers and mobile devices, so you can bring the entire program with you to the court!

Here's What People Are Saying

Jesse Muench has the total package, that’s what separates him from any self-proclaimed basketball guru. He has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His on court skills are just there waiting for you to admire them: the man can handle the basketball like nobody’s business and is a nightmare to guard for any defender. On top of that, he has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His “step by step” approach will guide you through every key point of a move, drill, or exercise. His explanations are so effective and clear they can even be appreciated by the international audience, and his insight is so deep that anyone will find something new to learn, even those who know the “how & when” of basketball from personal experiences or teachings from previous coaches. In 5 words: this man is the deal.

                                                                    Enzo Savoca 


Jesse is the real deal. If you want to know how to handle the ball like a pro fast, you've come to the greatest trainer on the subject. In just one year this man made me into a killer point guard, and that was before I got into the U.S.A.  When I got to America even the strongest, fastest players weren't even able to steal the ball from me. He made me see the game so easy, but hey that's what you get when you see things through his eyes.

                                                                   William Diaz                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Jesse Muench's training has helped me take my game to a new level! He doesn't just teach you how to mock certain moves, but how to do them effectively and when to use them in game situations. My handles are already much tighter than before I started training with Jesse and I can now get to where I want on the court using an arsenal of moves.

                                                                 J. Richardson                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

It is crazy, drills I have never thought doing, just by looking at them I'm guaranteeing that it is the best ball handling program ever. Seriously I may have a shot for going pro. I have always had a good ball handling, but when it comes to games it kind of faded away cause of all the thing going on, and it is hard to keep track on the ball handling while everything is going on at the court. But this program will definitely help me. By the way I play on the national basketball team in Denmark, and I have played against the big clubs like CSKA Moscow and Barcelona, and I'm definitely getting the full out of this amazing program. You are the best! How is it possible to get these kind of drills for as low as you sell it for? It can be a little money in the beginning, but it is just an investment for the future. If this makes you pro as I think it can, you will get all those money back times a million. Thanks for the best ball handling program ever!                                                                    

                                                                    David Wulff

Thank you so much for making this program , it has improved my basketball skills so much and it helped me to get into the UK's Men's Basketball Division and I'm 16. Couldn't thank you enough. I had a lot of high hopes about the program and you didn't disappointe at all. The program improved my shooting, handles and vertical but also the intangibles like basketball IQ and spacial awareness. This also helped me on defense as I could recognize plays faster and avoid picks easier. Thank you soooooo much.

                                                                  A. Olubodun


Wow Eli (Robert's son) has been doing workout 1 and 2 from 6th sense. Every time he does a new one of your workouts for a few times his handles just keep taking incredible jumps.

Your programs are great, worth every penny(and more), and should be used by anyone who wants to improve their handles.  Thanks for always thinking outside the box with great new ways to push a player.

                                                                 Robert Barth


Retail $350

Now Just $47

(Just One Payment Gets You LIFETIME Access)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

Anyone who wants to improve their ball handling ability with a quick workout. Even the best ball handlers in the game like Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, and Jamal Crawford know that they need to be constantly improving. This program hits on every major aspect of your ball handling - speed, control, weak hand, moves and more, all while getting you incredible, next-level ball control and court awareness.

Why did you make 6th Sense?

A lot of players have limited time or want to work on skills and training besides their ball handling in their workouts.  This program's 5 workouts last 10-15 minutes, giving you the flexibility to do each workout individually if you're short on time or want work on those other aspects of your game, and you'll still get ankle breaking handles.  You can also combine different workouts from this program or other Get Handles ball handling programs if you want to improve even faster.

What do I need for this program?

Just 2 basketballs, a tennis ball, and 8 cones (or any other object you can find to substitute for cones).

Will I need a partner?

Nope!  All the drills are solo.

Is this an online product or will it be shipped to me?

This product is completely online.  By making the program digital you can access it on the go and in a variety of ways including smartphones, tablets, laptops and home computers.  This way you can bring the entire program with you to the gym.  Plus you can access the program in seconds after you've purchased it and get started - no waiting for shipping!

What age and what level player is 6th Sense for?

All ages and all levels.  Some of the drills are fairly challenging, but that's one of the best ways to ensure you're improving.  Plus with the variety of drills in each workout you can start with the ones you're comfortable with and work your way up to the more challenging ones.

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards.  If you don't have a credit or debit card you can securely link your bank account to Paypal to make safe payments online.

What do I do if I need help?

You're just an email away from support.  You can contact us anytime at gethandles@gmail.com and we'll be happy to help.

Retail $350

Now Just $47

(Just One Payment Gets You LIFETIME Access)