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This Video Reveals The SHOCKING TRUTH About Why Everyone Has "Weak Hand" Training ALL WRONG...

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Kiss Your "Weak Hand" Goodbye, You're About To Get An ACE HAND . . .

"We've been working on Ace Hand program after breaking his strong hand pinky.

As his Ace hand gets more “Acey” he is starting to spontaneously create combinations from the confidence of stronger handles!

This is how we turn lemons into lemonade!!

Your programs have been transformative for my son who has moved from bench warmer rarely playing to frequent starter!

Thanks Coach Jesse!!"

- Robert Baker

Kiss Your "Weak Hand" Goodbye, You're About To Get An ACE HAND . . .

After countless requests from people asking how to improve what they called their "weak hand", I decided to really dig into this problem and study every single detail on how to get an unstoppable "Ace Hand".  After years of picking apart footage, studying players from beginners to pros, and experimenting on myself I found some shocking answers.

The way most people are training their Ace Hand only works on a fraction of the skills they need.  Usually the only skill people work on is their dribbling, and it takes much more than that...

The major discoveries I made are that to have an effective Ace Hand you need to eliminate psychological blocks, have crisp footwork, be able to finish with your Ace Hand, and be able to attack with your Ace Hand without thinking about it.  These are things that no other Ace Hand training is properly working on and it's costing you big-time improvements!

The unique drills in this program were specifically created to get you a DOMINANT Ace Hand in as little as 3 weeks, doubling your options on offense and making you completely unpredictable.  These are the skills you need to be a true superstar on the court.

Total Value $600

Just $67

Get instant access after purchase!

Here's Everything You're Getting:

118 Drills

Specifically Designed To Make Your Ace Hand Attack DEADLY

Secrets To Getting An Ace Hand

After studying hours of footage, working with countless players and using myself as a lab rat I discovered that most people have Ace Hand training all wrong. They think that dribbling thousands of times with their Ace Hand is the way to improve. Heck, I used to think that! The truth is your dribbling is just a FRACTION of what matters when it comes to being effective and confident with your Ace Hand. In these 15 secrets I break down the psychological and mechanical factors that will finally give you breakthrough results with your Ace Hand, as well as tips you can use to instantly improve your Ace Hand.

Finishing Footwork

If you want to START going to your Ace Hand you need to be confident you can FINISH with it.  Your finishing/scoring all starts with your footwork.  These 6 simple drills will quickly get you comfortable with gathering the ball before you go up for a shot to your Ace Hand side, as well as improve your vertical jump while going up for those shots.  After these drills you’ll be in complete control while going to the basket and will have the ability explode over or past defenders in games.

Ace Hand Shots

Want a deadly Ace Hand?  You better be able to put the ball in the basket with it, and in more than one way.  These 3 drills allow you to quickly master shooting around the basket while finishing high, low, to the side, off the backboard and while facing in different directions.  These skills are crucial to getting your shot off and getting buckets.

Scoring Around the Rim

Shooting around the rim will get you comfortable with a variety of shots, but to be effective in games you need to be able to SCORE around the rim.  The difference is you ability to put the ball in the basket while moving game speed, and to your Ace Hand side.  Adding speed while moving in the Ace Hand direction is what you need to master to have a dominant Ace Hand.  These drills do that while giving you 6 different ways to finish at the basket.

Attack Footwork

Most coaches and players don’t realize it, but one of the biggest factors keeping players from being effective at driving to their Ace Hand side isn’t their ball handling – it’s their footwork.  These 12 drills will bust you out of that rut and get you sharp, fast, and explosive footwork so you can fake defenders out of their shoes and blow by them to your Ace Hand side.

Attack Moves

One major problem a lot of players have with their Ace Hand is they are only comfortable with one or two dribble moves to their Ace Hand, if that many.  These 12 drills will teach you to be explosive off the dribble using a variety of moves, so you have options for different game situations and can keep defenders guessing.

Natural Attack Finishers

These 4 workout finisher concepts take all the other “micro-drills” from the rest of the program and put them into 48  different complete drills that teach you to handle and finish the basketball without over thinking what you’re doing with the ball.  In other words, it’s going to make it natural for you, so when game time comes you won’t hesitate or overthink using your Ace Hand, you’ll willingly do it with confidence.

Tight Handles Finishers

These 2 workout finishers will get your Ace Hand handles tight while on the move and develop your jump shot off the dribble, opening even MORE options for you to destroy defenders.  Not only will you be deadly because you’ve doubled your options by mastering your Ace Hand, but you’ll more than double your options by being able to dribble attack in a variety of ways and finish from a variety of spots around the court with your Ace Hand.

12 Week Ace Hand Training Guides

These training guides and workout checklists give you a step by step, simple to follow map so you can see clear progress each practice and each week.  By the end of the program your Ace Hand will be at a whole NEW LEVEL and ready to dominate games, using the PROVEN drills and progressions in this program.  On top of that the workout checklists make it easy to knock out your workouts, keep track of where you are, and get bigger and faster results.

BONUS: Ace Hand Dribble Secret

This simple tip can be adding to your ball handling RIGHT NOW, and instantly improve your control over the basketball and make it a lot harder for defenders to steal it.  Doing this secret will also instantly improve your confidence with your Ace Hand as well!

BONUS: Off Court Drills

In this bonus I show you some game changing drills that you can do at home, no matter how little space you have, and you don’t even need to dribble the basketball.  You’ll improve your ball handling, passing and catching ability.   Being confident in those three skills with your Ace Hand is going to give you a TON of options on the court, keep you unpredictable and make it nearly impossible for defenders to guard you.

BONUS: Total Program Remix

This bonus can literally double, triple, even quadruple the value of the entire program.  I’ll show you a simple way to remix the program and continue working on a huge arsenal of moves and combinations after the 12 week program is finished.  This bonus will keep your Ace Hand sharp and continually improving, and the drills take only 5-10 minutes to do.

Total Value $600

Just $67

Get instant access after purchase!

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Every copy of Ace Hand has you covered by our 60 day money-back guarantee.  Use it risk free for 60 days, and if you're not seeing big-time improvements, I'll do whatever it takes to get your those improvements or personally refund your purchase.

- Coach Jesse Muench

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any equipment?

You'll just need a basketball for most drills.  A couple of the drills you'll need either 6 cones (or any object you can put on the floor) to dribble around and a tennis ball.

Do I Need A Partner?

Nope! All drills are solo!

What do I do if I need help?

We're just an email away -

Is this an online product or will it be shipped to me?

The program is completely online so you can access it instantly after purchase. It also includes workout checklists that you can print out or save to a mobile device.

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards.

What age or level of player do I need to be?

This program is designed for players of any or level. You'll master everything from the basics up to advanced skills.

Total Value $600

Just $67

Get instant access after purchase!