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Insane Handles Edition

Handles So Insane People Will Look At You Like An Alien!

Ball on a String 2 can make you the best ball handler on your team, the Insane Handles Edition can make you one of the best in the world.

True Story About How I Got My Handles Where They Are Today...

People WILL look at you like an alien when you dribble.

I'm not joking.

How do I know?

Because it's happened to me - a lot.

Especially with people who have never seen me dribble before.

I've even have NBA players give me "the alien look".

But here's the crazy thing -

I used to be a terrible ball handler.

For years I couldn't put the ball between my legs or behind my back without losing it or having it bounce off one of my feet.  Games were even worse, with defenders ripping the ball from me nearly every time I tried to put it on the floor.

Then one day I decided to start experimenting a little bit . . .

I started testing out new ways of practicing ball handling, and I started to discover some really weird tactics that made my handles improve faster than anything before.  These tactics were definitely not your usual way of practicing, but I knew they were working.

How did I know?

I was crossing up anyone in my path and people started giving me "the alien look".

But this isn't something that can only happen to me.

I hate to admit it, but there is absolutely nothing special about me as a ball handler.

Everything I can do with the ball now is the result of putting in practice and being lucky enough to stumble upon some game-changing drills.

You, too, can break ankles and shock people with your handles.

If you want handles at this type of level I can easily teach you, especially since you'll be going through the full regular edition of Ball on a String 2.  The drills in the Insane Edition will take your handles from that and double them.

Yep - double.

But before you get this I have to tell you something important about this program so you're sure you are the right kind of person for it.

A lot of these drills are not your ordinary drills.  You have to be willing to try something completely new, something that might feel a little bit awkward at first (hey, walking wasn't always easy, but you're doing it now right?).

With that being said . . .

I'm leaving the choice up to you.

You can choose to put faith in the workouts and go to the next level, or you can wonder if you could have made it to the next level.

I can promise you this much:

If you do the workouts in the Insane Handles Edition you will be blown away.

So what happens once you complete the Insane Handles Edition?

You'll be able to do things with the basketball that no one else on your team can do, maybe even no one else in your country.

That's when you'll KNOW you have insane handles.

But it won't just be you that's blown away . . .

Trust me - handles like this are the sort of thing people will notice, in fact they might even stare a bit.

Here's What You Get:

4 Elite Workouts

These workouts are for the best of the best.  Once you've completed Ball on a String 2 you'll be fully prepared to tackle these game changing workouts and you're going to see results even faster!  You're going to cover everything - speed, control, footwork, court awareness - but at a whole new level.

71 Incredible Drills

You've never seen drills like these, and you'll get results like you've never seen before.  Prepare to be one of the best ball handlers in existence, because that's what you'll become.  Your weak hand will become twice as good as most people's strong hand, your ball control will absolutely crush anyone else's, and you'll have footwork so crisp and deceptive that no one will be able to stand in front of you.

Progressive Program Guide

We make it simple to get insane handles with an easy to follow program guide that will take your training up a notch.  With your new schedule you'll get results up to 50% faster.  By the time you're done ankle breaking will be a breeze.

Complete Workout Checklists

Never miss a drill with these important workout checklists.  Just bring the checklist to the gym and you'll find you're able to get through the workouts quicker and more effectively so you can focus on doing the drills and getting ridiculous ball handling ability.

Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that if you do these workouts you’re going to see massive improvements in your ball handling.  If you go through the program and don’t see results we’ll do whatever it takes to get you those results or give you every penny back.


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