Ball on a String - Ball Control Program

"I'm officially a starter on my team and a big part of coming off the bench I owe to you.  Thanks a lot and I will never forget what you've done for me."

Important: I've Added 3 NEW Bonuses (Super Grip Drill, Crossover Transition Drill & Advanced Crossover Transition Drill) For FREE (Limited Time)... See More In The "What You're Getting" Section Below.

Get "Sticky Fingers" Ball Control Like The Pros, Even If You're A Beginner, With This 20 Minute Workout Or Your Money Back

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This Program Was Created From Over 12 Years Of Research, To Get You The MAXIMUM Amount Of Ball Control.

The Longer You Keep Practicing With Bad Dribble Mechanics, The Harder It Is To Change Them.

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See How Ball On A String Has Transformed These Players' Handles In Minutes...

6,378 players (and quickly rising) use this program.  98.2% of them massively improved their handles.  It's time to see what it does for you.

"I’m officially a starter on my team and a big part of coming off the bench I owe to you, thanks alot and I will never forget what you’ve done for me.”
- A. Sharof

William Diaz

I've done just 3 days this week and my handles feel really amazing. The program deserves the name Ball on a String because that's how it feels.

Gabriel Christian

Other programs weren't helping me, but Ball on a String really got my handles up.   On the first week I got noticed by my coach and that never happened to me before. Now I can do lots of moves I couldn't do before, it's crazy.  After a month with the program I broke lots of ankles and finally made my school team!

Moe Ghannam

It's amazing.  After one week you're good, even just a day helps you.  I'm able to do moves I wasn't able to before and for some reason my shot even improved.  Do the program for not even a month, just a week, or even a day and you'll feel the difference.  Take my word for it.

Alfred Joseph

My handles feel great right now.  I definitely tripled my handles.  My speed and ball control is way better.  It's also impacted my entire game.  For some reason my shooting has gone through the roof, and I can also create space and get my shot off quicker now.  On a scale of 1-10 I give this program a 10.

Enzo Savoca

Jesse Muench has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His “step by step” approach will guide you through every key point of a move, drill, or exercise, and his insight is so deep that anyone will find something new to learn, even those who know the “how & when” of basketball from personal experiences or teachings from previous coaches.

Dylan Nelis

I improved my crossover immediately and can do things with ball I couldn't do before.  This is one of the best ball control workouts ever.

"I feel like the ball never leaves my hand less than a second. It feels like a yo-yo coming back to me with my commands."
- Sherman Wilson

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Improve your ball control in MINUTES with some SIMPLE drills that no one else is teaching you.

This unique ball handling program takes you through a variety of drills you won't find anywhere else that “hack” into your body and mind and “program” you to control the ball with ease at all times.

It does this by forcing your body to maintain a high ball in hand time, a perfect dribbling stance and flawless mechanics.

In just one practice session using these secret techniques you immediately notice a huge improvement in your ball handling ability. Once you complete the program you get ankle breaking handles that make the ball feel like it’s a part of your body.

What Will It Do For You?

Have incredible control over the ball
Improve weak hand quickly
Build a huge arsenal of moves
Gain confidence with the basketball
Be effective off the dribble in games
Develop proper dribble mechanics and habits

"I went from losing the ball every time I got it to being able to destroy my defenders even when being triple teamed."
- Griffith Littlehale

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Retail $210
Now Just $20

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access)

What You're Getting

48 Drills
Hand Picked To Reprogram Your Ball Control In Minutes

The Ball on a String Technique:
Keys to Instantly Improve Your Ball Handling

Value: $30

- Simple, but effective secrets to perfect dribbling technique

- Concepts that dramatically improve your ball control, efficiency, reaction time and speed

- Learn why control IS speed

- Learn why ball control is the basis for everything in ball handling

- A coaching myth about ball handling debunked

- How to use the program in your training to maximize your improvements

- A technique that will instantly make ball handling easier

- Unique hand exercises to get your hands stronger, more flexible and warmed up so you can grip the ball better

- 2 ball handling drills that prime your hands for control and a full range of motion

Body Reprogramming:
46 Drills to Master Ball Control

Value: $90

- A full workout that gets you crazy handles in only 20 minutes a day
- 46 ball handling drills that teach you ball control in every way imaginable from basics up to advance moves
- A secret drill progression developed to “program” your body to control the ball with ease after just one practice session
- Explanations of how to use each drill and why it is important
- Some unusual moves and drills that you won’t learn from any other coach
- A variety of moves and combinations that can be used in real game situations
- Learn almost every move imaginable in a few weeks just by doing these drills
- Develop leg strength and range of motion
- Advanced dribbling moves and combinations to challenge your control and give you a huge arsenal of moves

Workout Checklist

Value: $10

- All 48 drills listed so you never miss one

- Zip through your workouts even faster and get better results - Keep yourself accountable and on track to ensure you're improving - Convenient to bring to the court

First Step Like Kyrie

BONUS - $20 Value

- This one drill will make your first step longer, more explosive and more effective in games
- Learn the keys to getting past defenders and staying in front of them
- Discover a simple habit that will make it nearly impossible for defenders to steal the ball

Freaky Handles

BONUS - $10 Value

- Learn to dribble the ball in a way that will instantly get you attention from players, coaches...anyone!
- Build confidence with your ability to dribble the ball in a "freaky" way
- Get next level ball handling ability and be comfortable with the ball in even the most difficult positions

- An unorthodox way to keep the ball protected from defenders revealed

We Added 3 Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Super Grip

$30 Value

3 progressive drills that instantly make the ball feel like it's part of your hand
Improve every aspect of your ball handling dramatically
In 5 minutes some players go from barely gripping the ball to palming it
Get incredible control over the basketball for all of your moves

Bonus #3: Advanced Transition Drill

$10 Value

You'll get to that "crazy handles" level with drills like this
Learn how to pull of cat-quick crossover combinations between the legs and behind the back without blinking an eye
These types of moves will make your handles unstoppable in games

Bonus #2: Crossover Transition Drill

$10 Value

This drill teaches you how to make rapidfire combination moves while having complete control over the basketball
Learning these types of transition dribbles is an absolute MUST to handle the rock like the pros
Improve your ability to dribble the ball low and quick

Less Than 60 Second Order Form. Get instant online access.

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access!)

Retail $210
Now Just $20

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access)

Massive 90% Discount!

Here's Everything You're Getting

Keys to Instantly Improve  Handles

$30 Value


Body Reprogramming: 46 Drills

$90 Value


Workout Checklist

$10 Value


First Step Like Kyrie


Freaky Handles


Super Grip


Crossover Transition Drill


Advanced Transition Drill


Retail $210
Now Just $20

Instant Digital Access.

We’re confident that if you do this program you will see massive improvements in your ball handling. If you go through the program and don’t see results we’ll do whatever it takes to get you those results or give you every penny back.

Less Than 60 Second Order Form. Get instant online access.

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access!)

Retail $210
Now Just $20

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access)

What People Are Saying...

"Yo! It's awesome I honestly see improvement in my ball handling already! When I go to the neighborhood court everyone is amazed at how I handle the rock now thanks to you man you're a beast! And your drills are making me become a beast! Thanks!" 

Xavier Robinson

"Ball on a String really helped me develop the proper dribbling technique and ball control.  I can now handle the ball at full speed without thinking about it and have more confidence putting the ball on the floor. Definitely a great buy." 

Jacob Nason

"Ball on a String is one of the best dribbling programs I've done. I've done just 3 days this week and my handles feel really amazing. The program deserves the name Ball on a String because that's how it feels." 

William Diaz

"Jesse Muench's training has helped me take my game to a new level! He doesn't just teach you how to mock certain moves, but how to do them effectively and when to use them in game situations. My handles are already much tighter than before I started training with Jesse and I can now get to where I want on the court using an arsenal of moves." 

J. Richardson

"Wow man, just wow, I have put to work this program 'Ball on a String' for almost a week now, man I'm at another level now.  I actually can go pass my defender now.  Thanks to you sir Jesse Muench and this program you made, I'm starting to have a good foundation and someone to call coach, haha, thanks a lot man keep up the good work, I'll keep track on the training you provide." 


"I've done the ball on string ball handling program and gave me crazy handles. I keep breaking ankles in school and at streets." S. Rain

"Jesse Muench has the total package, that’s what separates him from any self-proclaimed basketball guru. He has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His on court skills are just there waiting for you to admire them: the man can handle the basketball like nobody’s business and is a nightmare to guard for any defender. On top of that, he has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His “step by step” approach will guide you through every key point of a move, drill, or exercise. His explanations are so effective and clear they can even be appreciated by the international audience, and his insight is so deep that anyone will find something new to learn, even those who know the “how & when” of basketball from personal experiences or teachings from previous coaches. In 5 words: this man is the deal." 

Enzo Savoca

"I worked on my handles with ball on a string and now I can do every drill that's in the workout ... my handles are 100% ... I played with my friends ... and I destroyed the court with my handles and playing ... then i started challenging other players in the neighborhood and i dominated the court ... I'm [now] officially a starter on my team and a big part of coming off the bench I owe to you, thanks alot and I will never forget what you've done for me."

A. Sharof

"Thanks to you Coach Jes , I learned how to be quicker , smooth and smart on the court . My opponents have seen my improvement and I went from last picked to the first , do what you do and ill keep on improving

On my grind,"

Alex Saurez

"Hey Jesse, I recently purchased ball on a string and just did my first workout.  Later today I played one on one against my friend who I can never seen to get by on offense and I found that I was getting by him much easier than I ever have.

I even used that one move where you put it through your legs and step back and I had him spinning around before I nailed a jumper.  Can't wait to blow up my high school season next year thanks man can't wait to kill this program."

A. Conn

"Thank you so much! Your coaching has helped me to become a much better player. I went from losing the ball every time I got it to being able to destroy my defenders even when being triple teamed. Thanks again!" 

Griffith Littlehale

Jesse after I bought the ball on a string program my handles after the first workout were amazing and i just had to thank you for that . . . (update) i have been doing the ball on a string program for about 2 weeks now and i have seen an incredible difference in my ball handling,  yesterday i played basketball with my friends and i made two of them fall all because of your awesome program so i just wanted to say thanks for that. so thanks man it really helped a LOT. 

Dennis Agyen

Hey man the ball on a string program is phenomenal. I can do things with the ball that I never get to do with it, now I'm doing it everyday I can do it in the rain and it won't matter. man your awesome the ball on s string is the best. i been going to basketball camps and they show you how to improve your handles but the ball on a string is way much better and now since I'm getting better with the ball on a string I can do it with my eyes close. my friend said its like my ball never leaves my hand it's great. 

Paul Muller

If other workouts by other people were a pistol, your workouts are the missile. I've seen lots of "The Only Training That Works" but they were lies. Your workouts really help people and it is true that you have a different approach and have different training that works. I handle the ball so well that outside I crossed the two boys I played against outside 2 on 2 yesterday . My crossovers are so smooth and low that it haves my defender shifting , I sent one boy falling on his side and the other falling back for support . Believe it or not handles help you score and I always was a good scorer so imagine now You are the best trainer ever!!! I went from average to good and then from good to da best. Now I am the first pick for every game. Other programs don't even work but yours work like a charm. Thanks again!!  It improved my game a lot! U ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!! Simon Lee

Ball on a string is the best ball handling program. I went from losing it every time I got it to today beating a double team. Thanks man this is the best program. 

William Mortimore

Hey thanks Jesse Muench for creating the Get Handles Ball on a String Program, I literally purchased it about an 1 hour and 30 minutes ago and I did the workout once and already feel a difference in my handles. The crazy part was that my hands began getting callusy, rough and they felt sticky. I am glad I purchased this program cause it really works! 

Necach Marson

Coach I mean I feel like the ball never leaves my hand less than a second . It feels like a yo-yo coming back to me with my commands . I do this program everyday and will continue especially since I have 8 weeks of no school . Man Coach you are changing my life . I handle the ball with so much control , it doesn't NEVER leave my hand for a period of time.  

Sherman Wilson

Yo, believe it or not, BOAS1 didn't just help my ball control, but it also improved my shooting. Now I can drain shots anywhere in halfcourt 

P. Raniar

I've been doing ball on the string 3 times a week.And I have been getting compliments like: You're the 2nd lebron,You're a future all star and people in cars just stare at me wondering how can that teen dribble like that.Also,its weird but it slightly improve my shooting and my layups.Thank you I will mention you to people I play with. 

Dion Wilkes

Thanks to your Ball On a String program I've seen MAJOR changes to my game. I have so much control over the ball and can react to the defense in a number of ways. I did the program for about 4 weeks but I noticed results after just 3 days. Purchasing your program was the best basketball decision I have ever made. 

Christian Noblett

My name is Ayo and I just wanted to say thank you some much for creating Ball on the String! I've been using it for a little under a week and I've seen such improvement all round. Never have I broken so many ankles in a pickup game! And in training my coach doesn't even recognize me any more. I'm starting next game so wish me luck! 

Ayomide Olubodun

I did ball on a string program and my ball handling improved in the first workout i will continue to do these drills becaus i want to dribble like you 

Terryn Withers

I just want to thank you for ball on a string. I got it last night and already feel a difference. 

Jake Ryan

My son Mason (10yrs old) has been using the ball on a string concepts and is by far one of the best dribblers in his league.  He will be joining a more advanced league next year.  Thanks for the help! 

Arthur Villarreal

My name is Keshav and I bought the ball on a string program and have been doing it for about 1.5 weeks and I want to thank you because I already feel more confident in my handles. 

Keshav Narra

Man I'm impressed I trained 2 hours and feel how my weak hand is getting better and my Ball Control is a lil bit better too you are awesome!!! HAHAHA man it's crazy a crossover that practised 1 month and still couldn't do it, now since I practise on your program , and after only 2 practises I can do the crossover now without any problems, incredible! A friend saw today that I'm getting better and asked me how is that possible hahahaha. thank you man! Big Respekt from Germany! 

Christian Savu

#2015Champions My stats: 15pts 6ast 4stl 3rebs. Thanks. Your Program helped me a lot. I had no turnovers. Did I mention that I got finals MVP.

DeMarcus Williams

Hey man thanks for making this program i just did this program twice and i'm not even finish in the progression and the results are amazing for a program you've done only twice. I can grip the ball much better(my hands feel sticky lol) thx again 

Jeisler Estrabela

My Ball Handling has clearly improved with your training and I am breaking more ankles and I feel more comfortable with the ball and my fakes are way more effective than they ever were, so thank you I couldn't have done it without you. 

Benjamin Paz

I was a terrible ball handler, and I knew that to succeed I needed help, lots of help.  In ball on a string the methods behind the drills are explained, the set up is easy to follow, and it feels like you get better everytime you workout. I'm pretty much The worst player..... Until now, my entire success story would be too long to write, but I was an overweight fat kid who had never seen a basketball before a few years ago. My coaches have not noticed my improvement, they will be very surprised to see me starting on the varsity team. With your help,  I'm going to be the best player at my school 

Jon Page

I really enjoy how the ball is beginning to feel like an extension of my hand and not as foreign as it used to feel. 

Patrick Heaviside

I was skeptical at first, but you have to see to believe 

Angelo Amadora

First of all thanks for your terrific programs! I purchased ball on a string on the 17th of this month, and have experienced more improvement and gained more ball handling skills in 10 days than I got in my first 2 years of playing basketball!! I absolutely love this program and have been doing the drills almost every day . . . (update) Due to my schedule changing a lot in the last couple of months I have not been able to consistently attend the 3on3 clinic that is held once or twice a week in my area.  So yesterday was the first time I was able to go since doing the drills in your program. I was hesitant at first as to if the drills would actually carry over into game situations, but they definitely did! I had so much more control over the ball then I ever had before. There were several plays were I pulled of some behind the back/crossover combos without even thinking about it. And using the crossovers learned in ball on a string 1, I was able to get by a player that I usually can’t get around!! Thanks for all the help in improving my ball-handling abilities! 

Josiah Six

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(Just one payment gets you lifetime access!)

Retail $210
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(Just one payment gets you lifetime access)

16 Reasons Ball On A String Will Transform Your Ball Control

1. Quick Workouts

It’s easy to stay motivated and consistent with your workouts when you get such big results from such quick workouts. Most players get through the workouts in just 10-25 minutes.

2. Clear Progress

Each workout you’ll be able to tell you’re improving as your progress through drills and tackle more challenging moves.

3. Easy Drills With Big Improvement

The majority of the drills feel easy, but are actually hacking into your mind and nervous system and “reprogramming” your body to dribble the ball better and easier than ever before.

4. Little Space Required

You can do almost every drill with just a few feet of space, and many of the drills don’t even require you to bounce the ball. This allows you to practice almost anywhere while getting sick handles, even while on the move.

5. Instant Results

You’ll notice a difference in your handles right away. A lot of workouts out there will leave you wondering if you’ve improved when you’re done, but you’ll KNOW you got better after doing Ball on a String.

6. Develop A Ton Of Moves And Combos

You’ll learn a bunch of moves and combinations of moves so you’ll have an option for every game situation. You’ll also learn some unusual techniques for moving the basketball that will give you a huge advantage in games.

7. Feel Comfortable With The Ball At All Times

No matter where the ball is in relationship to your body, or what body position you are in, you will feel like the ball is attached to you. This way you’ll be ready for any game situation imaginable.

8. Get Faster Without Training Speed

You’ll actually develop faster handles without even training your speed. By getting better control over the ball you’ll be able to pull of all of your moves more quickly and crisply.

9. Discover How To Make Keeping Your Head Up Easy

Through one simple demonstration we reveal a technique that allows you to dribble with your head up at all times. Once you see this it will seem silly to even look down at the ball.

10. Break Ankles

Learn a simple positioning tactic that will improve your ball control and make your first step more explosive and cover more ground. These are keys to breaking ankles.

11. Learn A Different Way Of Dribbling

A lot of coaches preach about pounding the ball at all times. This can be helpful in some game situations, but isn’t necessary in a lot of them. Learn how to dribble slow in a way that is actually good for your handles and why it works.

12. The Key To Handles

We include drills that work on one of the most overlooked, but CRUCIAL parts of your ball handling ability. Most trainers and coaches don’t even know that this is key to sick handles, but once you’ve trained this way you’ll see how obvious it should be!

13. Put In A Bigger Handles “Engine”

Learn how to put in a bigger handles “engine” that will make everything after much easier. With a bigger engine you’ll have quicker handles, better footwork, a better weak hand, learn new moves easier and insane court vision.

14. Quick Tweaks To Improve Control

Learn a few quick tips to improve your ball control instantly. You can add these techniques into the way you dribble and transform your handles in seconds.

15. Palm A Ball

Get some drills that have taken hundreds of players from not palming a ball to palming it. They only take a few minutes to do and will take your handles from average to insane, even if you small hands and can’t completely palm the ball.

16. Simple To Follow

The workouts are easy to follow with clear, simple progressions, and with the convenient workout checklists you’ll be able to do your workouts quicker so you can get results even quicker.

Less Than 60 Second Order Form. Get instant online access.

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access!)

Retail $210
Now Just $20

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access)

Before Your Get Ball on a String, Here's Answers To Common Questions, So You Know It's Right For You

Who is this program for?

Every basketball player. Even the best ball handlers in the game like Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, and Jamal Crawford are constantly practicing and finding ways to improve their handles. This program dramatically improves your ball handling control in just a few workouts. You’ll develop your weak hand and make the ball feel like it’s a part of your body at all times. With this type of ball control you’ll be more confident in games, allowing you to score more points and dish out more assists.

What do I need for this program?

Just a basketball and a little bit of space to dribble. No equipment or extra basketballs are needed to get sick handles with Ball on a String!

What age and what level player is Ball on a String for?

All ages and all levels. The program is designed to help players of any level by focusing on groundbreaking, yet simple, drills that force you to have incredible control over the basketball at all times. There are also some challenging drills to ensure you continue to improve and have something to work towards.

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards. If you don’t have a credit or debit card you can securely link your bank account to Paypal to make safe payments online.

What do other people have to say about the program?

A lot of people tell us that Ball on a String is the best ball handling program they’ve done or seen. Others have told us how it completely transformed their handles and game. Some people tell us they can’t believe how much they improved their handles in just one practice. You can also see what others said about the program in the testimonials above. But we’d rather you didn’t take our word for it. We’d much rather you experience how different your handles will feel for yourself. Grab a copy to see for yourself what all the talk is about.

How long does it take to do?

It depends on your level of ball handling ability, but generally your workouts will last 10-30 minutes, 3-5 days a week, and you’ll get some HUGE improvements out of this short workout. One of the main focuses of Ball on a String is to get you insane ball control and a huge arsenal of moves with quick and easy workouts, so you still have time to work on other parts of your game or other aspects of your handles.

Is this an online product or will it be shipped to me?

This product is completely online. By making the program digital you can access it on the go and in a variety of ways including smartphones, tablets, laptops and home computers. This way you can bring the entire program with you to the gym. Plus you can access the membership area where the program is in seconds after you’ve purchased it and get started – no waiting for shipping! The videos are all online as streaming videos that you can watch to learn the drills, tips and secrets, and there’s convenient workout checklists that you can print out and bring to the gym so you can crush your workout!

Are the drills stationary?

First, let’s debunk a myth – you can get great “on the move” handles even from doing “stationary” drills. If you watch great ball handlers, when they do most of their “moves” (especially crossovers) they are usually either stationary for split second while doing the crossover or only jabbing one of their feet. Ball on a String will help you work on both of these things. That being said, Ball on a String is 95% stationary drills. Some of the drills near the end of the program are more on the move. We created the program this way on purpose, so you can get insane handles no matter where you are. For most drills you don’t need any more space than an arm’s reach, a basketball, and a flat surface you can dribble on (and you won’t even need that for a lot of the drills). Despite the program being mostly stationary you’ll still see big improvements in your “on the move” handles, because many of the drills incorporate footwork, leg explosiveness, moving the ball in all types of directions and dribbling the ball in different spaces around your body – just like while “on the move”.

How long do I get access to the program? Are there multiple payments?

Just one payment of $50.00 gets you lifetime access to the Ball on a String program.

What do I do if I need help?

You’re just an email away from support. You can contact us anytime at and we’ll be happy to help.

Will I need a partner?

Nope! All the drills are solo.

Are these moves and drills legal or streetball?

All of the drills and moves will develop your legal, fundamental ball handling ability. If you’re looking to improve your streetball handles, these same drills and moves will still help you since the foundation of any type of ball handling comes back to ball control, and Ball on a String will get you that control!

5 Facts To Think About

1. Faster & more effective than other programs

Pretty simple – Ball on a String will improve your handles faster and more effectively than any other type of ball handling training.

2. You’ll see immediate results.

In fact, most players notice a huge difference in ball handling control after just one practice.

3. Easiest. Program. Ever.

Seriously, the drills in this program will feel like a piece of cake, and the workouts are super simple to follow.

4. Ridiculously low price.

$50.00 is INSANE considering it will change your handles forever, and the normal retail price is $160! You’re getting a huge deal here!

5. Your results are guaranteed.

If you’re putting in the effort to do the workouts and not seeing results, we’ll do whatever it takes to get you those results or send you every single penny back.

Less Than 60 Second Order Form. Get instant online access.

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access!)

Retail $210
Now Just $20

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access)