IMPORTANT: This workout can be done right at home. All you need is a place to dribble the ball and about 10 feet of space.


"Get 3-D Handles So You Stop Losing The Ball, Stop Getting It Stolen, Start Beating ANY Defender (Or Multiple Defenders), And Confidently Create ANYTHING You Want From The Dribble! See How In The Video Below!"


Just one payment of $47 gets you instant access. 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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Add unstoppable combo moves to your game (without spending hours a day practicing them)

The secret to handling the ball like pros do in highlights (Hint: it's the OPPOSITE of what most coaches teach)

Why old school one dimensional handles don't work anymore (and how to get "3-D handles")

The best way to practice combos if you want to TRULY master them (you'll only see this in Pro Highlight Handles)

The little known "sneaky speed secret" that you're not practicing now, but need to be

The simple, but POWERFUL 7 step process (ONLY in this program!) that multiplies how well your moves work, and allows you to get down advanced combos, no matter what level of ball handling ability you're at now

Exactly what you NEED to do before you ever dribble the basketball

The truth about what really makes the best ball handlers great (it's not what most people think)


Just one payment of $47 gets you instant access. 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

See How It Transformed Kyle's Handles!


Just one payment of $47 gets you instant access. 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

When You Have 3-D Handles

Easily Create Space
Get Killer Confidence
Create Easy Shots For Yourself
Add More Moves To Your Game
Get Past ANY Defender
Develop Your Weak Hand
Handle Any Game Situation
Never Lose Control Of The Ball Again


Just one payment of $47 gets you instant access. 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Here's What You're Going To Get

8 Step MUST DO Priming Routine (Video Series)

Plug this priming routine in before your workouts to instantly improve your ball control, as well as the keys to highlight reel handles that almost EVERYONE misses. If you want to handle the ball like the stars, you need to work on the keys in this routine. You won't find this unique routine anywhere else.

Combo #1: Long Division

In this simple step by step breakdown video series, you'll see how to master a 2 move combo that allows you to send defenders flying like they're playing on ice.  At any moment you can create 2 feet, 3 feet... even up to 8 FEET of space for easy shots... or you can even mess with your defender more from there (LOL).

Combo #2: Second Guessing

Not only will you get shifty footwork with this combo, but you'll also be able to fake out your defender BAD and free up tons of space... Plus this combo gives you a lot of simple options to take advantage of anything your defender does, so you always have a way to beat them. Everyone wants a player with that kind of ability on their team.

Combo #3: Secret Delivery

It's called Secret Delivery for a reason... your defender will not see this coming, until it's too late.  You'll use the element of surprise to hit them with something unexpected... something that might break their ankles so bad that they fall.

Combo #4: Havoc

This 3 move combo puts a twist on 2 combos the pros often use to make highlights in tight situations. By combining the power of 2 unstoppable combos, "Havoc" gives you a variety of ways to beat 1, 2, or even 3 defenders!

Combo #5: Inception

What messes with your defender's head more than a tricky setup? Using it as a setup for ANOTHER setup.  What makes this move EXTRA crazy is that you're using 3 dribbles but you're actually giving your defender 5 different things to react to... The result is them either completely freezing up or jumping completely in the wrong direction so you can score easy points.  You'll only learn this combo in Pro Highlight Handles!

Combo #6: Multiplex

Do this combo and people will INSTANTLY know you have handles... and it's so herky jerky that it puts you in complete control of your defender.

7 Step Combo Magic Workout

Whether you're beginner or advanced, this workout works like magic to help you truly master ANY combo, not just copy it in a way that limits you and only works in a few game situations. If you're a beginner this workout will help you quickly get the combos down... If you're advanced you'll see new ways to take the combos next level... Most importantly you'll see how to break out of the old school "one dimensional" way of handling the ball, and get "3-D Handles" like the pros so you can make highlights from ANY game situation. Pro Highlight Handles is the only way to learn this workout for new-age guards.

Complete Workout Checklist

When you get in the gym you need to keep moving to get the most out of this program and master the combos quickly. That's why we took out the work of writing down the drills and exercises in the Priming Routine and 7 Step Combo Magic Workout, and are GIVING you an easy checklist that you can print or save to your mobile device and bring to the gym. You'll zip through your workouts quicker, get better results, and make sure you're doing every game changing repetition. All together your workouts will take less than 20 minutes, but get you BEASTLY results.

Instant Online Access

You don't have to wait days and weeks for the program to be shipped to you, because it is 100% online. Within minutes of purchase you'll get access to the entire program through our secure member's area and you can start getting highlight handles in minutes.  There's 61 streaming videos  just waiting for you to watch them so you can create more on the court and help your team win more games.

BONUS: Ultimate Highlight Challenge

Take everything in this program next level with the Ultimate Highlight Challenge.  This will put your handles to the test in a way that's so fun you'll want to do it over and over.  When you master it people will be amazed with your handles.

BONUS Combo #7: Shift Shock

The name says it all... this move shifts your defender out of the way with a combo that shocks them. You won't find this special combo anywhere else. When you do it the crowd will go CRAZY.


Just one payment of $47 gets you instant access. 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

What Makes Coach Jesse Muench Different?

Coach Muench is both a coach and continually a student of the game.  He's worked with some of the biggest names in the NBA, such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, Chris Paul, and more.  He's also recognized as one of the top talents in streetball and freestyle handles, and uses that skill and knowledge to help fundamental players think, play and train outside the box in ways that make sense.

Coach Muench is the founder of one of the largest basketball training channels on YouTube (Get Handles Basketball) and has helped millions of players around the world make major improvements.  He has also been featured by some of the biggest companies in the world such as ESPN, Nike, Red Bull, EA Sports, Jordan, the NCAA, and more.

He's is excited to help you reach your basketball dreams, and in Pro Highlight Handles he'll show you how to start handling the ball like the BEST pro players!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for this program?

Just a basketball and about 10 feet of space!

What age and level player is Pro Highlight Handles for?

Players of all ages and skill levels will benefit from this program.  It's designed to help beginners quickly learn the combos, and show advanced players how to take them next level.

How long does it take to do?

Less than 20 minutes!

Is this an online product or will it be shipped to me?

This program is completely online, featuring streaming videos and a downloadable checklist that are accessed through a member's area.  This allows you to get INSTANT access to the program (no waiting for shipping!) on any device with an internet connection.

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards.  If you don’t have a credit or debit card you can securely link your bank account to Paypal to make safe payments online.

This Is Completely Risk Free

Pro Highlight Handles comes with a 60 day results-or-your-money-back guarantee.  Use it risk free for 60 days.  If your don't see highlight level changes in your handles, we'll refund your money.  You either improve, or you don't pay.

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Just one payment of $47 gets you instant access. 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!