"I made two people fall and run into each other off of INSTINCT. I became popular after that. Remember I said I averaged 1 point a game? Well last week I had 14 points 5 assists and 7 rebounds all because of you."


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Player Transformations

In 2013 I had the WORST basketball injury that I can think of... I broke both my legs. YES ALL THIS AT THE SAME TIME... So (after recovering) I was dumb and tried out for basketball even though I could barely run. The coach said I had heart but I wasn't good enough. So I needed to improve a lot on my handles and basketball period. I ended up playing summer league and i was AWFUL. I scored 1 point (if any) per game. I was a laughing stock... I did the first phase (of Instinct) then I headed to the gym. Now I'm scared because they want me to play a pick up game with people that have NBA level handles. So i say what the heck, and join the game. I was on a fast break then I layed it up. Turns out I made two people fall and run into each other off of INSTINCT. I became popular after that. Remember i said i average 1 point a game? Well last week i had 14 points 5 assists and 7 rebounds all because of you.

Allen Pringle

Before Instinct, I couldn't do anything with the the basketball. I was too afraid.  Now I'm the best basketball player at my school. HANDS DOWN. This is one of the best programs you can buy THAT WORKS.  It doesn't just work on one part of your game but all of it. It's improved my ability to become a team leader and take over games at will."

Allen D.

This program raises your game automatically. It improves every aspect of your game. If you have been using Instinct you just feel you have an advantage over your opponent. I love the drills that have to do with body control as well as the drills that have to do with court vision . . . It made me improve my confidence on the court.

John Bro

Jesse Muench’s training has helped me take my game to a new level! He doesn’t just teach you how to mock certain moves, but how to do them effectively and when to use them in game situations. My handles are already much tighter than before I started training with Jesse and I can now get to where I want on the court using an arsenal of moves.

J. Richardson

Jesse Muench has the total package, that’s what separates him from any self-proclaimed basketball guru. He has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His on court skills are just there waiting for you to admire them: the man can handle the basketball like nobody’s business and is a nightmare to guard for any defender. On top of that, he has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His “step by step” approach will guide you through every key point of a move, drill, or exercise. His explanations are so effective and clear they can even be appreciated by the international audience, and his insight is so deep that anyone will find something new to learn, even those who know the “how & when” of basketball from personal experiences or teachings from previous coaches. In 5 words: this man is the deal.

Enzo Savoca

Jesse is the real deal. If you want to know how to handle the ball like a pro fast, you’ve come to the greatest trainer on the subject. In just one year this man made me into a killer point guard, and that was before I got into the U.S.A.  When I got to America even the strongest, fastest players weren’t even able to steal the ball from me. He made me see the game so easy, but hey that’s what you get when you see things through his eyes.

William Diaz

Before Instinct I was good in training when it comes to drills but as soon as the game began i started to turn the ball over, throwing balls away because i was scared by defenders and lost all my skills. I found myself into situations where i ran into 2 defenders looking at the ball and got trapped.  Most other programs focus on ball handling or moving to the basket, this is without doubt really important but as i experienced it myself it doesn't help that much when you don't know when to use it or where to run. Instinct focusses on these aspects on getting court vision, seeing open teammates or lanes to drive, and not to be distracted in your handling when a defender attacks you, cause it feels natural to you to focus on something else while dribbling. That's something I've been searching for and I've not seen elsewhere. Plus you see results right after the first practise. Even while your doing it, when you work on a drill and at the beginning you lose the ball all the time, after a while its starting to work out. That's really motivating.  It is helping me being a better player in game situations.

Maren H.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that if you do these workouts you’re going to see massive improvements in your ball handling and overall game.  If you go through the program and don’t see results we’ll do whatever it takes to get you those results or give you every penny back.

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You've Never Seen Training Like This

This groundbreaking training will get you that "X factor" that all the superstar players have.  You'll quickly and easily learn what for years coaches thought was unteachable.  Get the ability to see plays before they happen, to know where everyone is on the court (even when you can't see them), to make the ball feel like it's a part of you at all times and have lightning fast reflexes.  This goes way beyond your typical ball handling, passing and scoring training, this gives you Instinct.

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Here's What You're Getting:

Module 1: Joint and Muscular Priming


These drills prime the fluids in your joints and optimize your entire muscular system for explosive movement. These exercises will maximize your ball handling, pass and speed on the court, all while helping to prevent injuries and muscular imbalances.

Module 2: CNS Priming


In order to prepare for the high speed reactions needed in Instinct you need to 'wake up' your nervous system. These drills will energize your body and open pathways to allow you to move quicker than you can think and have split second reactions.

Module 3: Focus


You'll learn techniques and drills that give you laser focus - even when you need to pay attention to multiple things at once. This allows you to see teammates and defenders on the court while controlling the basketball like its part of your body at all times.

Module 4: Peripheral Vision


Develop your ability to see to both sides of you while still looking forward and see up to times more of the court. This allows you to see more of the action so you can react to defenses, open teammates and be one step ahead of everyone on the court. The more you can see, the more you can do.

Module 5: Read & React


If you want to be a star player then making quick decisions is an absolute MUST. Through read and react drills you can swiftly process the entire court, make a choice, and put it into action in milliseconds. These types of skills separate the good players from the legendary ones.

Module 6: Control


Your reactions and awareness only help you if you have control over the ball. These dribbling exercises will take your ball control to a whole new level, while teaching you how to use this control without looking at the ball or even THINKING about the ball.

Module 7: Proprioception


Proprioception is your body's ability to detect it's own motion and positioning. By developing it, you'll feel like an absolute ninja on the court. Handling the ball will feel like a breeze and your body control will be off the charts. You'll be able to break down entire teams without thinking twice about what you're doing. It'll feel like pure instinct.  In these drills you'll also develop a bunch of different DEADLY dribble combos that you can add to your game right away.

Module 8: Passing and Catching


Any player that wants to play at the highest level NEEDS to be good at passing and catching, but if you're a guard you need to be INCREDIBLE at these skills. Through these techniques you'll learn how to make even the most difficult passes and catches seem easy, so when game time comes you'll be able to dish passes that seem like magic and catch anything and convert it into points.

Module 9: Instinctual Reactions


Train your most primal movements for instant reactions and lightning fast reflexes. these drills will teach you to tap into your ability to move without hesitation and seize every opportunity on the court. This will put you one step ahead of everyone on every play, making them seem like they're moving in slow motion.

Module 10: Habitual Behavior


Take the most complex movements and make them natural - that's what this module is all about. Extra thinking, hesitations, loss of control, and anything else that can slow you down on the court will be eliminated. Anything you want to do on the court will happen before you even think about it.

Module 11: Movement Perception


Weaving through a million running defenders, hitting the open man with just inches to squeeze the pass in, and time plays so perfectly that you see them before they happen. That's what developing your movement perception will do for you. This ability is the difference between an average player and a playmaker.

Module 12: Aural Awareness and Reactions


Introducing a whole new concept in basketball skill development - aural awareness is your ability to sense everything on the court using your hearing. You will actually develop your ability to tune into areas of the court that you can't even see.

Think of it as having a 6th sense or eyes in the back of your head for sneaky defenders behind you or wide open teammates that are trailing you. This is a whole new level in basketball training.

Module 13: Contact Awareness and Reactions


Another completely new training concept, contact awareness will develop your ability to be aware of and react to contact. Some trainers develop your ability to play through contact and to initiate contact, but we've taken things a step further and will teach you how to sense and react to it also.

Gone are the days of having physical defenders forcing you to turn the ball over or getting you out of your comfort zone. You'll handle the ball with confidence and feel right at home with rough defenders.

Module 14: Visual Awareness and Reactions


Seeing the whole court is important, but being able to concentrate and make smart decisions based on what you see is what will make you a next level player. In this module you'll learn how to see the whole court and quickly transfer this information into the right move selection.

One of the biggest problems players have is doing this process quickly while in games. With this training you'll learn how to do it all lightning fast so your decisions come instantly.

Custom Paced Workout Phases


All 63 drills and exercises from the different modules are incorporated into easy to follow phases. Each phase brings in some fresh new drills to keep the workouts interesting and your skills expanding. You also get complete breakdowns of all the drills in each phase.

The cool part is you can advance from one phase to the next at your own pace so you're never falling behind and you're always challenged, motivated and improving fast. Plus you'll clearly see how much progress you're making throughout the program.

Complete Workout Checklists


Never miss an exercise or drills so you're improving as much as possible! These checklists are perfect to bring to the gym, giving you an easy to follow guide for each workout so you can focus on dominating each drill and ripping through your workout even quicker.

This is great for keeping you accountable and focused, allowing you to get bigger, faster results.

Plus 3 Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Sticky Grip


Learn a simple tweak and 2 drills that can improve your ball control by 100%. This technique took me from barely gripping a ball to palming it. This type of 'sticky' grip will take your handles, shooting and passing to a whole new level.

Bonus 2: Confusion Cross


This deadly move will make your defender and the crowd go crazy. This incredibly deceptive 2 dribble combo will keep the defense guessing where you're going and have them swinging at air trying to steal the ball.

Bonus 3: Scoring on Big Men


These 2 EASY but highly effective moves will allow you to get your shot off in the paint when there's bigger players trying to block you. You'll learn how to use tall defender's height against them and create room to get your shot off in the land of giants.

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MASSIVE Discounted Offer!

This is a one time offer for people who have shown they are serious about taking their game to the next level.

Normally this program goes for $590, but we're doing our part to make it affordable for you since you've shown you're serious about your game.

Instinct was created for players who are serious about becoming the best of the best, which is why we're giving you this massive discount on this groundbreaking program.

Instant Digital Access 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

You get instant online access to Instinct after purchasing, so you can start adding instinct to your game right away.  The program is completely online and works on all computers and mobile devices, so you can bring the entire program with you to the court!

Retail $597

Now Just $97

Just One Payment Gets You Instant Online Access, For Life!

16 Reasons Instinct Will Change Your Game


Better Training = Better Results

This is no "cookie-cutter" program. You're going to get high level, professional training, which is why you'll get high level, professional handles.


Clear Progress

Each workout you'll see clear improvement, and as you work your way through the different phases you'll be amazed at how much more you can do with the basketball.


Train What Most Players Don't

There's a lot of elements that most players never even think to train that can take their game to the next level such as reactions, proprioception, vision, and hearing. You'll train these overlooked elements and much more in Instinct.


Fun Workouts

These aren't your typical types of drills. You can fully expect to be challenged and actually have fun doing this unorthodox training. This makes it easy to stay motivated and improving.


Instant Results

You'll notice a difference in your handles, passing, reactions and much more right away. A lot of workouts out there will leave you wondering if you've improved when you're done, but you'll KNOW you got better after doing Instinct.


Develop A Ton Of Moves, Combos, and Passes

You'll learn a bunch of moves, combinations of moves, and passes so you'll have an option for every game situation. You'll also learn how to comfortably and quickly go from dribble moves to different passes and catches to dribble moves.


Dribble Like It's Second Nature

Many of the drills in Instinct will teach you to move the ball comfortably, effectively and naturally without even thinking about it. This allows you to be more deadly in games, because you'll be able to focus on what's going on around you rather than trying to keep control of the ball. This gives you a huge advantage in game situations.


Lightning Fast Reactions

One thing that often gets missed in ball handling training is developing reactions. Instinct teaches you how to react quickly to a bunch of different elements so when it comes to game time you'll be moving while other players are still thinking about what to do.


Keeping Your Head Up Will Be Easy

The drills in Instinct will teach you to keep your head up at all times and make it a habit. This allows you to better read and react to what's going on the court and, once again, get a head start over everyone else.


Sick Court Vision

Discover secrets to seeing more of the floor and hitting open teammates with magic passes before anyone even knows they're open. Your ability to see more of the floor and react quickly to it is crucial for everything you do on offense.


Next Level Control

The drills in Instinct will take your control to a whole new level. You'll learn how to do game-ready combination moves as habit so you can react to what's going on in the game no matter what the situation is.


Movement Perception

A key element in basketball is your ability to understand the timing and spacing of movement on the court. Players are constantly moving, so this skill is one of the biggest ones that keeps good practice players from doing well in games. Instinct is one of the only training programs that allows you to work on this in practice so you'll feel right at home in games.


Deal With Contact

There's going to be contact in the game, so you need to learn how to deal with it in practice. Instinct teaches you drills to quickly react to contact so you can handle it in games.


Crazy Grip

Every time you touch the ball, whether you're dribbling, catching, passing or shooting, your ability to grip the ball is one of the main factors in your success. The sticky grip bonus will show you how to develop claw-like control over the ball with one hand so you can make everything you do with it easier.


Confusion Cross

This is a SICK go-to move you can count on to throw defenders off and create space. You'll be able to use this move to cross defenders and create space for jump-shots or blow by them for a layup.


Scoring On Bigger Players

Learn how to dominate in the paint against bigger players with 2 easy, but highly effective moves. These moves will allow you to get your shot off on anyone in a variety of game situations.

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Just One Payment Gets You Instant Online Access, For Life!

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this program for?

Anyone who’s ready to take their game to the next level. If you have average handles, passing and scoring ability and are ready for something a bit different and challenging then Instinct is perfect for you. You’ll take all of these skills to the next level while working on skills that other programs don’t even touch on such as peripheral vision, reactions, proprioception, vision, hearing and more.


What do I need for this program?

Just 2 basketballs, 2 tennis balls, and 6 cones (or any object to replace them). We also recommend a partner for a few of the drills, but we also provide alternative ways to do those drills without a partner.


What do I do if I need help?

You’re just an email away from support. You can contact us anytime at gethandles@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to help.


What age and what level player is Instinct for?

We recommend players have at least their ball handling basics down such as basic crossovers and passes . Instinct is designed to challenge you through groundbreaking drills that will get you quick results in your dribbling, passing, catching and of course all of the “X-factors” such as peripheral vision, reactions, proprioception, vision and hearing. If you’re ready to get to that elite level of ball handling then Instinct is definitely for you.


What types of payments are accepted?

We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards. If you don’t have a credit or debit card you can securely link your bank account to Paypal to make safe payments online.


How long does it take to do?

It depends on your level of ball handling ability, but generally your workouts will last 30-45 minutes, 3 days a week, and you’ll get some HUGE improvements.


Will I need a partner?

For a few of the drills we do recommend a partner, but we also give alternative ways to do the drills by yourself.


Is this an online product or will it be shipped to me?

This product is completely online. By making the program digital you can access it on the go and in a variety of ways including smartphones, tablets, laptops and home computers. This way you can bring the entire program with you to the gym. Plus you can access the membership area where the program is in seconds after you’ve purchased it and get started – no waiting for shipping! The videos are all online as streaming videos that you can watch to learn the drills, tips and secrets, and there’s convenient workout checklists that you can print out and bring to the gym so you can crush your workout!


Are the drills stationary?

There is a mix in this program of stationary and on the move drills. You’ll work on your ball handling for just about any type of game situation there is.


How long do I get access to the program? Are there multiple payments?

Just one payment of $97 gets you lifetime access to the Instinct program.

Retail $597

Now Just $97

Just One Payment Gets You Instant Online Access, For Life!