"Get The Secrets To His Handles, Moves, Footwork, Finishes, And Ankle Breakers... And How To Add Them To YOUR Game."

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What Do You Get?

12 Secrets & Techniques

These secrets will show you what makes KI so deadly, and will make an instant impact on your handles, footwork and scoring,

8 Highlight Handles Drills

These drills will develop the speed, power, rhythm, reactions and control necessary to handle the ball just like #2 does.

3 Crafty Finishing Drills

Improve your finishing around the rim to the point where you can make those unbelievable “circus shots”.

3 Shifty Footwork Drills

Handles are no good if you can’t shift defenders with your footwork. These drills will develop your ability to shake pretty much ANY defender.

12 Signature Moves

These are some of the moves that he goes to over and over again to consistently demolish defenders. You’ll learn exactly how to do them.

7 Signature 2 Move Combos

Sometimes just one move doesn’t get the job done, which is why his 2 move combos make him so hard to guard. You can add these signature combos into your game and do the same.

5 Signature 3 & 4 Move Combos

Why stop at 2 move combos when you can have 3 & 4 move combos that make you pretty much unstoppable?

7 Drew Streetball Moves

“Don’t reach youngblood.” Want to get some attention and the crowd going wild with some flashy streetball style moves? These moves are all legal, and sure to get you noticed.

10 Signature Finishes & Scoring Moves

He’s one of the best finishers around the rim that the game has ever seen, and now you can learn 10 of the exact same finishes that he uses most often. Get buckets.

Unlimited Signature Sequence Drills

It’s not enough to have great handles and great finishing around the rim, to be unstoppable you need to put both together in one sequence, and you need to do this in a variety of ways. These drills will show you how to string together insane sequences that will make it pretty much impossible for anyone to stop you.

Workout Checklist

Stay on track, and get the workouts done in minimum time, so you can get improve more quickly. You’ll also make sure that you’re improving from workout to workout, so you KNOW you’re making your game more like KI’s.

BONUS: 3 Next Level Challenges

To be great you should continually challenge yourself and work on your skills. These challenges will allow you to challenge yourself in fun and unique ways to take your game to a breathtaking level.

Get instant online access and start destroying defenses today.

Retail $940

Just $120

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access)

What Will It Do For You?

Develop incredible, quick, ankle breaking handles and moves

Become a ridiculous finisher around the rim

Get shifty, lightning quick footwork

Increase your scoring average

60 Day Results-Or-Your-Money-Back-Guarantee

We’re confident that if you do this program you will see massive improvements in your ball handling and finishing around the rim. If you don’t see major improvements after just 3 weeks with these workouts, we’ll send you every single penny back.

Coach Jesse Muench

Get instant online access and start destroying defenses today.

Retail $940

Just $120

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access)

Got Questions? Here's Your Answers:

Who Is This Program For?

Anyone that wants to take their handles, scoring, speed and footwork to the next level!

What Do I Need For This Program?

Just a hoop and a basketball! For some of the drills we recommend using a second ball or some cones, but we also show other options, so they're not required to do the program.

What Age And Level Player Is This Program For?

Anyone looking to get better. This program starts with basic moves and finishes and gradually works you towards highly challenging ones.

What Types Of Payments Are Accepted?

Paypal and all major credit cards. If you don't have either you can easily set up a Paypal account in minutes, and securely link it to you bank account.

How Long Does It Take To Do?

The workouts last about 30-45 minutes, depending on your level of ability.

Is This An Online Product Or Will It Be Shipped To Me?

This product is completely online. You can access it instantly after purchase on smartphones, tablets, and computers. The videos are all online as streaming videos that you can watch to learn the drills, tips and secrets, and there’s convenient workout checklists that you can print out and bring to the gym so you can crush your workout!

How Long Do I Get Access To The Program? Are There Multiple Payments?

Just one payment gets you lifetime access.

Will I Need A Training Partner?

Nope, all you need is yourself and a desire to get better!

What If I Need Help?

You’re just an email away from support. You can contact us anytime at help@gethandles.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Get instant online access and start destroying defenses today.

Retail $940

Just $120

(Just one payment gets you lifetime access)