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"We loved your videos. They helped a lot. She got AP All-State, made over 3,109 points, 8th in Illinois history, and was nominated for Illinois Ms Basketball."

Over 1,000 Drills, Secrets, Moves, And Tactics All Put Into A Step By Step System To Change Your Game FOREVER!

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Only A FEW Reviews Of The System's Programs:

We loved your videos. They helped a lot. She got AP All-State, made over 3,109 points, 8th in Illinois history, and was nominated for Illinois Ms Basketball.

- Becky Chubb

Thanks, using your products has been quite a journey. I made all state on varsity (in New York), thank you sir.

- Jackson Burch

I had bad fakes and moves.  Every player must have an understanding of what they are doing and how they use it effectively against opponents. Art of the Fake has that. It also really teaches you great moves and how to use fakes properly. It really uses a different approach and teaches everything so clearly. AND IT WORKS BUT OTHERS DON'T!!!  Art of the Fake made me first pick on the court. Now I am able to do anything on the court with just fakes. NEVER EXPECTED THAT.  It has enough to make an 8 year old an NBA player. It gives you everything you need to dominate the court.

Simon Lee

i have been using art of fake since this summer and the program gives instant results.  it gives me confidence on the court to get pass the defense.  the program is full of techniques and tactics.  its a complete program.  gives you a power to fake out defenders.

Japjot Kang

It's a game changer it helps with everything in your game.  Its helped so much.  My control of the ball is better.  It's helped me to play like Steph Curry.


I've been using it for about two weeks and saw a difference immediately. I wanted to improve my game. I didn't know what I didn't know. It freezes the defender and keeps them guessing. Without it I wouldn't be able to stay sharp. It's unexpected how easy it is to fake defenders if you do it right. I now have an understanding of how to use your whole body to sell the fake. It's simple yet very effective. It's making the game easier and more fun. Playing pickup ball this weekend I  was able to fake players for drive to hoop and an open shot at will. It's also improving my ball control and ball handling speed.


Results came almost immediately. It works to help you see and understand things like angles, or reading defenders which are key to being able to beat people in games.  What sets Art of the Fake apart from other programs is Jesse's attention to detail and his ability to communicate what he is teaching in an understandable way.  I was playing in a pick up game and driving at my defender, I hesitated, read his body positioning and blew by him.  That's when I knew the program was working.

Patrick Heaviside

I'm an unathletic undersized guard. Art of the Fake teaches players how to get open and create separation.  It's helped me beat people I couldn't beat before. I knew the program was making me better when there was player I could never cross, and I hit him with a hesitation and made him stumble.


We've been working on Ace Hand program after breaking his strong hand pinky.  As his Ace hand gets more “Acey” he is starting to spontaneously create combinations from the confidence of stronger handles!  This is how we turn lemons into lemonade!!  Your programs have been transformative for my son who has moved from bench warmer rarely playing to frequent starter!  Thanks Coach Jesse!!

Robert Baker

We have seen a ton of improvement in my 12 year old son in just a few months. His handles have gotten faster, tighter, and he has gained a ton more ball control, and MOST IMPORTANTLY CONFIDENCE!

Eric Bullis

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Best Selling Programs Included:

Speed Handles 2

You won’t find another program like Speed Handles out there – you’ll learn how to dribble so fast you blur the ball in just a few weeks.  With a multifaceted approach to attack every element of a blazing fast handles, and cutting edge training techniques that you won’t find anywhere else, this program’s 118 drills are way ahead of the curve.

Normally $197

Ball on a String

INSTANTLY improve your ball control with these groundbreaking progressions of drills that have changed how thousands of players train their handles.  Not only will you build the perfect foundation for you handles, but no matter what level you're at you'll see improvements, and you'll make learning new moves in the future a breeze.

Normally $50

Ball on a String 2

This is the World's Best Ball Handling Program.  Improve as much in 12 weeks as all of last year with Ball on a String 2.  It’s the world’s most complete ball handling program, and it’s going to turn you into an absolute MONSTER with the basketball.  In just a few weeks you’ll be doing moves like the pros and scoring more points. Gain the skills you need to get you noticed by coaches and scouts today!

Normally $150

Master the Cross

This is the world's most in depth program on the most powerful move in the game - the crossover.  Everyone wants to see a sick crossover and everyone wants to have one, it's the most exciting move in the game.  Full highlight mixes are dedicated to this move, and when you master it you'll be breaking ankles, embarrassing opponents, gaining instant respect and attention and filling your own highlight reels.  NBA players have built entire careers off of this move and Master the Cross gives you all the tools you need to do the same.

Normally $47

Ultimate Breakdown Moves 2

Discover the secrets to embarrassing defenders that only a streetballer would know. Fundamental basketball can teach you a lot about reading a defender and breaking them down, but fundamental coaches often are afraid to think outside the box.  These streetball moves and techniques are completely legal, but give you an inside look at new ways to attacking defenders.

Normally $47

6th Sense

These never-seen-before drills will get you incredible ball control, footwork, crosses and court awareness faster than any other drills you’ll find.  You’ll be able to weave the ball around defender’s without even looking at them, and dribble the ball with pinpoint accuracy, making you an unstoppable force off the dribble.  At just 10-15 minutes per workout, you'll see the same improvement as a typical 1-2 hour workout, because you develop multiple skills at once. The workouts can be done alone or added to any Get Handles program.

Normally $47


This groundbreaking training will get you that “X factor” that all the superstar players have.  You’ll quickly and easily learn what for years coaches thought was unteachable.  Get the ability to see plays before they happen, to know where everyone is on the court (even when you can’t see them), to make the ball feel like it’s a part of you at all times and have lightning fast reflexes.  This goes way beyond your typical ball handling, passing and scoring training, this gives you Instinct.

Normally $97

Elite Feet

Imagine blowing by a defender with your explosive first step, quickly changing direction with a sharp cut to beat a second defender and then skying to the basket for the spectacular score.  All of these things are made possible by your athletic ability, which starts with your feet.  Elite Feet will get you lightning fast footwork, unshakable stability, faster running speeds and improved vertical jump - and we teach you how to handle the ball while doing all of this.  If you want to play at the next level, you need to step your athleticism up, and this program will help you do exactly that.

Normally $77

Art of the Fake

Fakes can work like magic, but how to make them work well is a mystery . . . until now. With Art of the Fake you’ll discover the simple details that make a fake a work and effective fakes you can put in your game TODAY. You don’t have to be super strong, fast or even have crazy handles to get your shot off, blow by defenders or drop insane assists.  If you have convincing fakes you can literally control how your defender moves and create anything you want on the court. The best part is, fakes are mainly a technique, an art that you can learn in minutes.  Ready to get started?

Normally $97

Ace Hand

The unique drills in this program were specifically created to transform your "weak hand" into a DOMINANT Ace Hand in 12 weeks or less, doubling your options on offense and making you completely unpredictable.  These are the skills you need to be a true superstar on the court.

The way most people are training their Ace Hand only works on a fraction of the skills they need - dribbling, and it takes much more than that...  To have an effective Ace Hand you need to eliminate psychological blocks, have crisp footwork, be able to finish with your Ace Hand, and be able to attack with your Ace Hand without thinking about it.  These are things that no other "weak hand" training is properly working on and it's costing you big-time improvements!

Normally $67

Plus These "Secret" Programs:

Killer Crossover

Don't let the name fool you - this program will do MUCH more than get you a Killer Crossover.  This top secret program gives you the complete package - nasty handles, increased vertical jump, bull-like strength, an explosive first step, faster recovery from workouts, improved flexibility, and MUCH more.  Normally this program is kept secret, but when you get the MEGA-Game Bundle you get Killer Crossover too!

Normally $67

Breaking Ankles

Breaking Ankles gives you the secrets to setting up and breaking down ANY defender off the dribble, so everything you do is more effective and you'll see INSTANT results in game action.  We show you how to read your defender, how to know when to go by them, how to protect the basketball, how to create space anytime you want, tricks to make defenders fall and much, much, MUCH more.  Coach Muench shows you breakdowns on an actual defender so you can easily understand and apply these game changing tactics to your game TODAY.

Normally $37

Ball on a String 2: Insane Handles Edition

Ball on a String 2 will make you the best ball handler on your team, but the "Insane Handles Edition" can make you one of the best ball handlers IN THE WORLD.  We'll show you drills that will get you handles so crazy that people will look at you like an alien when you handle the ball.  You'll be able to do things with the basketball that no one else on your team can do, possibly even in your entire country.  I'm giving you my top notch drills in this program, because once you've completed Ball on a String 2 you'll be ready for a whole new level like this.

Normally $67

Instinct: Deluxe Edition

Get even bigger, better results from Instinct, with 4 NEW workouts, and 44 more drills.  We take things to a whole new level to boost your handles, passing, scoring and instincts to unthinkable levels.  To an ordinary player these drills would be REALLY difficult, but for someone who's mastered the Instinct program this will be the perfect next step to become a game-dominating force.

Normally $67

Animal Instinct

If I told you that you can improve your entire game without ever stepping on the court would you believe me?  Well you can.  The exercises and "games" in Animal Instinct will develop your reactions, sight and hearing so when game time comes you'll have lightning fast reflexes and will be 2 or 3 steps ahead of everyone else.  The best part is these exercises can be done right on your phone, computer, or even during your everyday activities.

Normally $37

Psychic Instinct

Most players have 3 major issues with applying their handles in games: 1. They don't know how to read the entire floor.  2. They don't know how to properly react to it.  3.  They don't know what to do after beating their defender.  Psychic Instinct shows you how to do these 3 things so you can make quick decisions and be another 2 or 3 steps ahead of everyone on the court.  Simply watch the video breakdowns in this program, use the tactics next time you play, and watch them change your game!

Normally $27

Master The Cross: Deluxe Edition

Learning the techniques in Master the Cross will have an instant impact on your game, but to become a next level player you need to put in the time to perfect them.  These drills show you how to train your body and crossovers for game domination.  These drills teach you how to slash into the lane with your handles, get past any defender, protect the ball, create space, do moves more quickly and much more.  Plus we show you how to customize your workouts to your needs and they can be changed over and over giving you UNLIMITED NEW WORKOUTS!

Normally $27

Total Normal Cost For All Programs:
Just 12 Monthly Payments Of $60
Or 1 Payment Of $600

Save 38% With Monthly Payment Option ($455 off)
Exclusive Monthly MEGA-Game Emails And Training Schedule
Instant Access To All Programs
After 12 Successful Payments Get Access To All MEGA-Game Programs For LIFE
Get Pro Level Ball Control, Speed, and Footwork
Develop Next Level Court Awareness, Vision, Reactions and IQ
Learn Secrets To Reading Defenders, Setting Them Up & Breaking Them Down
Make Passes You Didn't Even Know You Could Make
Get Deadly Fakes, Crossovers, and Moves
Make Your First Step and Running Speed Blazing Fast
Gain Newfound Flexibility And Mobility To Prevent Injury And Move More Quickly
Add 6+ Inches To Your Vertical Jump
And Soooo Much More That We Can't Even Fit On This Page!
Save Even More ($575 Off) With 1 Time Payment!

What Makes Coach Jesse Muench Different?

Coach Muench is both a coach and continually a student of the game.  
He's worked with some of the biggest names in the NBA, such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, Chris Paul, and more.  
He's also recognized as one of the top talents in streetball and freestyle handles, and has evened been called the "best ball handler in the world" by some people, including NBA players.
He uses that skill and knowledge to help fundamental players think, play and train outside the box in ways that make sense.
Coach Jesse is the founder of one of the largest basketball training channels on YouTube (Get Handles Basketball) and has helped millions of players around the world make major improvements.  
He has also been featured by some of the biggest companies in the world such as ESPN, Nike, Red Bull, EA Sports, Jordan, the NCAA, and more.

More Reviews, But Not Even Close To All Of Them...

I knew when I started Speed Handles it was going to be crazy. The drills were a little different but I noticed a big difference in my handles each and every time I go play pickup. Even at times I feel like a pro handler like it's crazy. I would advise anyone who wants to play ball and not be a bench warmer to get the program it's the real deal.

Wallace Haggins

The Speed Handles program has helped me a lot.  I've always had better handles than most, but the other day in gym class I felt unstoppable.  I made two people fall, and it happened so fast I didn't notice till after the play was over.  Thank you so much for making this program I love it!

Salvador Bermudez

In my opinion Speed Handles could be one of the greatest programs if done right. You can do it anywhere where there is a concrete floor and get crazy results. I did it myself for about 2 months and it was challenging but the results where very good. I developed faster speed, a more powerful dribble, I can dribble very, very low and my handles felt incredible and my weak hand felt stronger. This program was very good, I'm considering doing it again in the future.

Adrian Henriquez

Jesse Muench has the total package, that’s what separates him from any self-proclaimed basketball guru. He has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His on court skills are just there waiting for you to admire them: the man can handle the basketball like nobody’s business and is a nightmare to guard for any defender. On top of that, he has a natural ability to make things easy to understand and learn. His “step by step” approach will guide you through every key point of a move, drill, or exercise. His explanations are so effective and clear they can even be appreciated by the international audience, and his insight is so deep that anyone will find something new to learn, even those who know the “how & when” of basketball from personal experiences or teachings from previous coaches. In 5 words: this man is the deal.

Enzo Savoca

Jesse is the real deal. If you want to know how to handle the ball like a pro fast, you've come to the greatest trainer on the subject. In just one year this man made me into a killer point guard, and that was before I got into the U.S.A.  When I got to America even the strongest, fastest players weren't even able to steal the ball from me. He made me see the game so easy, but hey that's what you get when you see things through his eyes.

William Diaz

Jesse Muench's training has helped me take my game to a new level! He doesn't just teach you how to mock certain moves, but how to do them effectively and when to use them in game situations. My handles are already much tighter than before I started training with Jesse and I can now get to where I want on the court using an arsenal of moves.

J. Richardson

I see plenty of improvement with the first workout and I only went through half of it and my speed is crazy fast. When I started the first like 5 exercises I just dribbled the ball like a few times and I was going super fast. Like 5 min later I show my friend and he got so surprised and wanted to know how to do them . . . thanks for everything, you've changed my game soo much and handles, even though I'm a Power Forward/Center, I'm still able to cross the heck out of people and demolish them in a game, I just wanted to write this to say thanks man, you've changed my life so much and I'm happy with my abilities, which don't just help with basketball, but everyday life.

choose your image

Daniel Bada

I'm officially a starter in my team and a big part of coming off the bench I owe to you thanks alot and I will never forget what you've done to me.

choose your image

Abdlla Sharof

It was the game changing program for me that allowed me to a spot in the main 5 in one of the top schools here in singapore 🙂

Jercel Dasig

It is crazy, drills I have never thought doing, just by looking at them I’m guaranteeing that it is the best ball handling program ever. Seriously I may have a shot for going pro. I have always had a good ball handling, but when it comes to games it kind of faded away cause of all the thing going on, and it is hard to keep track on the ball handling while everything is going on at the court. But this program will definitely help me. By the way I play on the national basketball team in Denmark, and I have played against the big clubs like CSKA Moscow and barcelona, and I’m definitely getting the full out of this amazing program. You are the best! How is it possible to get these kind of drills for as low as you sell it for? It can be a little money in the beginning, but it is just an investment for the future. If this makes you pro as I think it can, you will get all those money back times a million. Thanks for the best ball handling program ever! (6th Sense)

- David Wulff

Thank you so much for making this program , it has improved my basketball skills so much and it helped me to get into the UK’s Men’s Basketball Division and I’m 16. Couldn’t thank you enough. I had a lot of high hopes about the program and you didn’t disappointe at all. The program improved my shooting, handles and vertical but also the intangibles like basketball IQ and spacial awareness. This also helped me on defense as I could recognize plays faster and avoid picks easier. Thank you soooooo much.

- A. Olubodun

Wow Eli (Robert’s son) has been doing workout 1 and 2 from 6th sense. Every time he does a new one of your workouts for a few times his handles just keep taking incredible jumps.

Your programs are great, worth every penny(and more), and should be used by anyone who wants to improve their handles. Thanks for always thinking outside the box with great new ways to push a player.

- Robert Barth

"Hey Jesse! I just wanted to let you know i just finished day one of Ball On A String 2. It was pretty easy since it was just my rooting workout but it was AWESOME! I finished it in a very short period of time and my handles feel great now. I cant wait to see how tight my handles get with this program. I really want to be a great ballhandler like Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving and now because of this program, it seems possible. Thanks for making this program and helping so many people get better at the game of basketball through your YouTube channel, programs, and daily emails. You're the man Jesse"

- Jacob Nason

Hello coach jesse! Ultimate breakdown moves is awesome. It was the very first program i had purchased from you and it worked wonders! My move arsenal exploded once i finished it. The moves you showed worked almost all the time and i even broke my defender’s ankle for the first time thanks to it. Thanks so much for making such an incredible program! *thumbs up*

- Jercel Dasig

In 2013 I had the WORST basketball injury that I can think of ... I broke both my legs. YES ALL THIS AT THE SAME TIME... So (after recovering) I was dumb and tried out for basketball even though I could barely run. The coach said I had heart but I wasn't good enough. So I needed to improve a lot on my handles and basketball period. I ended up playing summer league and i was AWFUL. I scored 1 point (if any) per game. I was a laughing stock... I did the first phase (of Instinct) then I headed to the gym. Now I'm scared because they want me to play a pick up game with people that have NBA level handles. So i say what the heck, and join the game. I was on a fast break then I layed it up. Turns out I made two people fall and run into each other off of INSTINCT. I became popular after that. Remember i said i average 1 point a game? Well last week i had 14 points 5 assists and 7 rebounds all because of you.

- Allen Pringle

This program raises your game automatically. It improves every aspect of your game. If you have been using Instinct you just feel you have an advantage over your opponent. I love the drills that have to do with body control as well as the drills that have to do with court vision . . . It made me improve my confidence on the court.

- John Bro

Before Instinct I was good in training when it comes to drills but as soon as the game began i started to turn the ball over, throwing balls away because i was scared by defenders and lost all my skills. I found myself into situations where i ran into 2 defenders looking at the ball and got trapped. Most other programs focus on ball handling or moving to the basket, this is without doubt really important but as i experienced it myself it doesn't help that much when you don't know when to use it or where to run. Instinct focusses on these aspects on getting court vision, seeing open teammates or lanes to drive, and not to be distracted in your handling when a defender attacks you, cause it feels natural to you to focus on something else while dribbling. Thats something I've been searching for and I've not seen elsewhere. Plus you see results right after the first practise. Even while your doing it, when you work on a drill and at the beginning you lose the ball all the time, after a while its starting to work out. Thats really motivating. It is helping me being a better player in game situations.

- Maren H.

Before using Instinct, I couldn't do anything with the the basketball. I was too afraid. Now I'm the best basketball player at my school. HANDS DOWN. This is one of the best programs you can buy THAT WORKS. It doesn't just work on one part of your game but all of it. It's improved my ability to become a team leader and take over games at will."

- Allen D.

The Elite Feet program is like NO other! It combines the best physical and mental workout that I have ever seen. The time you put in to get this program down will pay off fast! My body and game had an impact immediately. I use this as a personal fitness goal and for coaching my players. You can tell the time and thought progress to this program was studied and perfected.

- Coach Jason Schuette

"Hey Jesse! I just wanted to let you know i just finished day one of Ball On A String 2. It was pretty easy since it was just my rooting workout but it was AWESOME! I finished it in a very short period of time and my handles feel great now. I cant wait to see how tight my handles get with this program. I really want to be a great ballhandler like Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving and now because of this program, it seems possible. Thanks for making this program and helping so many people get better at the game of basketball through your YouTube channel, programs, and daily emails. You're the man Jesse"

- Jacob Nason

"I’m officially a starter on my team and a big part of coming off the bench I owe to you, thanks alot and I will never forget what you’ve done for me.”

- A. Sharof

I’ve done just 3 days this week and my handles feel really amazing. The program deserves the name Ball on a String because that’s how it feels.

William Diaz

Other programs weren’t helping me, but Ball on a String really got my handles up. On the first week I got noticed by my coach and that never happened to me before. Now I can do lots of moves I couldn’t do before, it’s crazy. After a month with the program I broke lots of ankles and finally made my school team!

Gabriel Christian

It’s amazing. After one week you’re good, even just a day helps you. I’m able to do moves I wasn’t able to before and for some reason my shot even improved. Do the program for not even a month, just a week, or even a day and you’ll feel the difference. Take my word for it.

Moe Ghannam

My handles feel great right now. I definitely tripled my handles. My speed and ball control is way better. It’s also impacted my entire game. For some reason my shooting has gone through the roof, and I can also create space and get my shot off quicker now. On a scale of 1-10 I give this program a 10.

Alfred Joseph

I improved my crossover immediately and can do things with ball I couldn’t do before. This is one of the best ball control workouts ever.

Dylan Nelis

"I feel like the ball never leaves my hand less than a second. It feels like a yo-yo coming back to me with my commands."

- Sherman Wilson

And Those Reviews Are For Only A Few Of The Programs!