New Workout Develops Strength In Body Positions You NEED To Play At An Elite Level (But 95% Of Workouts Don't Train), AT HOME WITHOUT EQUIPMENT, Adding Firepower To YOUR ENTIRE GAME!

"Build A Strong, Balanced, Mobile, Coordinated & Fluid Body In Minutes A Day With This Innovative Flow Workout, Giving You Elite Confidence & Control With Everything You Do On The Court! All You Need Is An Arm's Length Of Space!"



He Had 3 Back Surgeries & Thought He Could Never Move Certain Ways Again...

First off I just want to say WOW on your Mobile Strength workout :).

I always felt it and thought so, but I definitely know now that my body has been the problem.

My body won't even get into about half of the positions on the workout, but that made me so happy because now I know the problem and because of you can now work hard to fix it.

My shoulders, ankles, and back elasticity and flexibility are horrible and some of your even easier exercises my body can't's almost like trying to punt a football with no feet or swimming the backstroke with no arms for me.

I am so excited and happy have no idea.

it's like my body is working against me all of the time or fighting me and I just never knew how to fix it.

I'm so thankful, you have no idea how much this means to me and can't wait to get started.

One Month Later...

My body is starting to finally get some of the stretches and movements from the Mobile Strength workout and I am feeling my hips more open and becoming more mobile.

One of the things I am still having trouble with is my upper back and shoulder mobility. I knew my posture was horrible and have dealt with it my whole life but didn't realize how bad it was.

I now know what has been stopping me from doing the things in basketball that I've always wanted to do and I'm just super excited to start fixing it...and a great mentor to help me do it.

Thank you for everything Coach!

Jason Bunch (Orlando Skills Trainer)

I can't thank you enough, before this training I was already an advanced ball handler, but I couldn't get super low quickly when dribbling but now I can easily change speeds, directions, and go from high to low.

I don't know how you do it but mobile strength is the best stretching routine I have ever used.

P.S. I am also the best scorer, shooter, finisher, and definitely dribbler on my team, now, and almost all of it is thanks to your programs

Casey Quinn



Gain strength through full ranges of motion so you can get into and move out of the body positions you need to play at an elite level

Learn to move fluidly and with more control so everything you do in games happens with precision and confidence

Boost strength and mobility in your wrists so you can easily and powerfully move the ball when dribbling, passing, shooting, and taking layups

Build rock solid balance so you can move more quickly and precisely, without getting knocked around by the competition

Eliminate aches, crunching and soreness in different parts of your body by developing strength while moving through the deep ranges your body is SUPPOSED to be able to move in

Reduce your risk of injury by developing strength and control in positions that the game will inevitably put you in

Open and strengthen your hips and ankles so you can get lower and step farther, allowing you to better sell fakes, blow by defenders, and gain an advantage on defense

Add extra spring to your step in all directions by developing overlooked muscles in your feet and ankles


One of the biggest problems I see with players on the basketball court (ESPECIALLY with ball handling and defense) is restrictions within their body.

To be an elite player you need to be able to get into certain positions with ease, and bend joints into certain angles with strength, balance and control.

Here's a few quick examples of how this affects your ball handling (and that's only a TEENY TINY part of what it affects)...

If you can get your hands lower to the ground it's easier to control the ball since you can have the ball in your hand for more of the dribble motion, but if you lack the mobility in your legs you'll be FIGHTING with your own body just to get low...

If you don't have full strength and flexibility in your wrists your dribbles won't get maximum speed and power when you need it, and moving the ball in ALL directions using your wrist isn't even possible...

If your ankles and hips are stiff you won't be able to get proper movement of your hips and chest to sell your fakes, or explode out of those fakes to beat your defender...

Your first step will be shorter, weaker, and your center of gravity will be higher, making it easier to knock you off balance...

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

And those examples are just from ball handling.

Your ENTIRE GAME on offense and defense is being affected.

The majority of players I work with don't have the strength, control, or mobility to get into at least some, if not all, of the body positions that elite players do...

Or if they can they lack fluidity and balance when doing so.

This is a foundational element you need to maximize your potential as a player, but is being completely missed in almost all training.

To be clear, I am not blaming players for this, because 99% of players haven't been given the proper training to gain this ability.

Many young players don't get any strength work at all, and players that do usually have their strength and mobility work separated, which is a major issue.

When you only develop strength and mobility separately you never gain full control and strength of your body within a full range of motion.

For example, when you squat with heavy weight you won't normally go all the way down with your butt to your heels, meaning you'll only be strong within the limited range you're lifting with...

And when you do most mobility and flexibility exercises you are being PUT into those stretched positions, rather than developing strength and control in them.

On top of this, most strength training completely misses strengthening your body when moving in certain ways, such as a cross body step, so certain muscles won't develop important strength you need on the court.

Also, a lot of mobility work overlooks key areas that basketball players need more attention in than other athletes, such as the wrists, hands, ankles, and feet.

The other big issue with most players' strength and mobility work is that it overlooks elements such balance, fluidity, and body awareness.

Not only do all of these issues keep you from being fast, balanced, strong and effective on the court...

But you're putting yourself at greater risk of injury when your body needs to get into those positions.

Mobile Strength bridges these gaps, and fixes all those issues by combining strength and mobility in each exercise, and puts the exercises together into a unique flowing workout to build fluidity and balance.

These exercises are NOT intended to get you the type of strength you get from lifting weights...

Instead you learn to MASTER your body through full ranges of motion that will benefit you in games.

It is not a complete replacement for traditional strength or mobility work...

It is something to compliment them, and replace a few days a week of traditional strength and mobility exercises, so you can gain strength through full ranges of motion, while staying healthy.

It took a lot of time and money searching, researching, and experimenting to come up with this workout for you.

I started with elements from both classic and unique strength and mobility exercises, Yoga poses and flows, and even took inspiration from breakdancing to find the right positions and movements to develop a well rounded basketball player...

Then I hand-picked the best exercises that hit all the positions and body parts that get overlooked in most basketball training...

I then modified many of the exercises to make sure they developed both strength and mobility specific for basketball...

Finally I put them into a unique flowing workout that develops mobile strength, balance, and complete body control.

Oh, and you can do the workout at home with NO equipment at all.

All you need is an arm's length of space in each direction and a wall for one of the exercises.

The end result is a player who can easily get into all the body positions an elite basketball player needs, without sacrificing strength or balance in those positions...

So you're ready to pounce no matter what happens in the game, or what position you need to get into, giving you the upper hand on the competition.

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Coach Muench is both a coach and continually a student of the game.  

He's worked with some of the biggest names in the NBA, such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, Chris Paul, and more.  

He's also recognized as one of the top talents in streetball and freestyle handles, and uses that skill and knowledge to help fundamental players think, play and train outside the box in ways that make sense.

Coach Muench is the founder of one of the largest basketball training channels on YouTube (Get Handles Basketball) and has helped millions of players around the world make major improvements.  

He has also been featured by some of the biggest companies in the world such as ESPN, Nike, Red Bull, EA Sports, Jordan, the NCAA, and more.

He's is excited to help you reach your basketball dreams, and in the Mobile Strength. workout he'll show you how to improve your entire game by developing a stronger, more mobile and more controlled body.

What Players Are Saying...

Normally $27


60 Day Results-Or-Your-Money-Back Guarantee

Just One Payment For Instant, Lifetime Access

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Here's What You Get

With Mobile Strength


29 Exercises
1 Streaming Video With The Entire Workout
1 Workout Checklist
Easy Instant Access (We Email You A Video Link & Checklist PDF)

This Is Completely Risk Free

The Mobile Strength Workout comes with a 60 day results-or-your-money-back guarantee.  Use it risk free for 60 days.  If your aren't able to move with more control and strength through full ranges of motion, we'll refund your money.  You either improve or you don't pay.


What do I need for this program?

Nothing! Just a wall (for 1 exercise) and an arm's length of space!

What age and level player is the Mobile Strength workout for?

Players of all ages and skill levels can do this workout and benefit from it.

How long does it take to do?

The workout takes about 15-25 minutes, depending on your level of ability. It's recommended to do the workout 3 days a week to see results, and you can do it daily to see even better and faster results.

Can I do this along with other workouts?

Yes, you can do this workout at the same time as other basketball, strength and mobility workouts.

What do I need for this program?

Nothing! Just a wall (for 1 exercise) and an arm's length of space!

Is this an online product or will it be shipped to me?

This program is completely online, featuring streaming videos and a downloadable checklist that are accessed through a member's area.  This allows you to get INSTANT access to the program (no waiting for shipping!) on any device with an internet connection.

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal.  If you don’t have a credit or debit card you can securely link your bank account to Paypal to make safe payments online.

Normally $27


60 Day Results-Or-Your-Money-Back Guarantee

Just One Payment For Instant, Lifetime Access

100% Secure, Quick Order Form. Takes Less Than 60 Seconds!