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Improve Your Entire Offense And Avoid Wasting Time Practicing Things That Don't Work!


Over 9 Hours Of Raw Skills Camp Footage Shows:

The TRUTH About How Every Guard Can Play Like A Superstar... Even If You're Undersized Or Unskilled!


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Revamp Camp – Whole Package

In the Spring of 2015, the small city of Cordova, Alaska brought Coach Jesse Muench to town to “revamp” their players’ skills and spark new life into their team.

Come get a behind the scenes looks at the very best drills Coach Muench has to offer for taking all aspects of your game to the next level.

He covers everything you need to be a dominant guard on offense including – handles, scoring, speed, footwork, athleticism, reading defenders, faking out defenders, dealing with contact, court awareness, reactions, move execution, combos, warming up, cooling down, and MUCH more.

The entire camp was a total of 16 hours long (4 days of 4 hours each) and we edited the footage to bring you the most important moments.

The entire Revamp Camp package includes over 9 hours of raw, behind the scenes footage, showing you what a game changing camp for the new era of basketball guards looks like.

You get to see what other players look like doing the drills and exercises as Coach Muench gives feedback on how to improve and take their games to the next level.

This is the perfect way for you to see common issues that players encounter so you can avoid them, as well as see the best ways to train to make sure you’re getting maximum improvement from your time in the gym.

When you purchase access to the entire camp you get access to all the individual elements below:

  • Ball control
  • Scoring
  • Footwork & athleticism
  • Moves & combos
  • Dealing with defenders
  • Agility ladder drills
  • Awareness & reactions

PLUS, you also get over 2 HOURS of bonus content worth $840 such as:

Full Camp Format

Not only do you get access to the individual sections for different training elements, but you also get access to other unseen footage and elements.

PLUS you get access to a page that has the camp footage put in order, so you can see what a camp with Coach Muench looks like from Day 1 to Day 4.

NBA Player Breakdowns

Jesse gives campers details on how to play like different NBA stars.

Players covered include – Westbrook, Rose, Harden, Rubio, Wall, Kobe, Lebron, Jordan, and more.

Throughout the camp there’s also examples of techniques that Kyrie, Curry, Chris Paul and other NBA stars use.

The Handles Test

See a couple of quick tests you can do to see how good your handles are.

You’ll also get to see the improvements campers made in just 4 days, imagine how much you can improve with the drills in this package over the course of a month!

Priming and Mobility Drills

See Coach Muench’s “go-to” drills, stretches and exercises for getting his body and nervous system ready for workouts and games, as well as freeing up stiff joints and muscles so you can move more quickly and powerfully on the court.

This will help you run faster, jump higher, score more, break more (defender’s) ankles, play more consistently in games, and prevent injury.

Motivation, Tips, And Secrets

At the beginning and end of each day Coach Muench gave players some the best advice, motivation and secrets that he has to offer.

When you apply these tips they can literally change not just your game, but your entire life.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a full court “obstacle course” that was invented by Coach Jesse Muench and Coach Jason Schuette as a fun way to challenge players handles, footwork, athleticism, speed, conditioning, and scoring.

See what it’s all about and how it’s set up!

Streetball & Freestyle Moves

At the end of camp players wanted to learn some streetball and freestyle moves, and Coach Muench simply couldn’t say no.

See how to set up and do common moves such as dribbling the basketball between a defender’s legs, make your defender think you passed the ball when you didn’t (so much that they turn around!), and classic streetball and freestyle moves like the jackknife, boomerang, arm roll, neck stall and more!

Tampa Clinic

The Tampa Thunder AAU team brought Jesse in for a one day “overhaul” clinic with their team.

He did a brief “freestyle” basketball performance, motivated campers, told them what’s necessary to get PRO level handles, and took them through an hour of his favorite drills.

When you get the entire Revamp Camp package, you get access to a behind the scenes video from this “overhaul” clinic too!

ALL THIS Bonus Content Is Included!

That’s over 2 hours of bonus content, worth $840, and you get it FREE with Revamp Camp.

Revamp Camp Smaller

Total Value: $3,550

Now Just $900

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Ball Control

Revamp Camp Ball Control

The Ball Control package features:

  • A 24 minute video on “Skill Priming” your ball control & footwork
  • A 32 minute video showing Coach Muench’s “must-do” ball control drills
  • 2 sets of ball handling progressions that will maximize ball control
  • A unique body trick that everyone can take advantage of to improve ball control
  • A drill that improves body control, ball control, and helps you sell fakes more effectively
  • Drills that help improve dribble speed, strength, and grip on the basketball
  • A rhythm dribble that develops ball control and a deadly change of speed combo
  • 3 drills you should do DAILY that develop footwork patterns and dribble motions all ball handlers must master
  • Demonstration of proper stance and 3 reasons it gives you a huge advantage in games and in practices
  • An explanation of why ball handling is the easiest skill to improve quickly
  • The biggest key to getting COMPLETE ball control
  • A set of advanced ball control drills that teach next level body and court awareness
  • 3 new drills that combine 2 classic drills in a new way to helps players master basic hand positions and transitions between those positions while dribbling
  • 4 unique advanced drills that work on different dribble hand positions and releases for next level ball control
  • Keys to mastering the ball control needed for the inside out dribble
  • 3 unusual drills that takes hand positioning, ball control and coordination to new heights
  • 6 different 2 ball drills to develop dribble power, control, focus and get in twice the dribbling in the same amount of time!
  • A stationary combo dribble that develops control over the ball in all areas around your body
  • Secrets to protecting the basketball using your ball control
  • Keys and secrets to instantly improve ball handling control
  • “Weak hand” drills and practice advice

Revamp Camp - Ball Control Smaller$370 Value

 Footwork & Athleticism

Revamp Camp Footwork The Footwork & Athleticism package features:

  • 4 videos with a total of over 100 minutes of footage
  • Breakdowns showing how your feet are the secret to creating on the court
  • A footwork timing tip that will make your crossovers easier and more effective
  • Jamal Crawford inspired drill that shows you how to master the footwork of the hesitation
  • Moves and drills that use basic dribbles but shifty footwork to keep defenders guessing
  • Breakdown of how to use your feet create angles to get past tight defenders
  • Drills to develop a comfortability with moving at all angles while doing different dribble moves
  • 2 simple tests to see how good your ball control and footwork while dribbling are
  • A secret to make the most of your footwork when dribbling
  • How to practice your layups so you get in the habit of finishing strong
  • A way of practicing your moves so you’re more explosive
  • Fast break drill that develops your ability to get across the court quicker off the dribble
  • A challenging “dribble lunge drill” that develops leg speed, strength, and stance while teaching proper dribble placement
  • Drill to develop an ankle breaking change of direction
  • Advanced footwork and ball handling drills
  • Footwork and athleticism drills with and without the basketball
  • Rapid-fire foot speed and agility drills
  • Basketball specific footwork tips
  • Drills to improve first step length and speed
  • Exercises to develop power, balance, and change of direction
  • All drills will improve ball handling and scoring

Revamp Camp - Footwork & Athleticism Smaller$600 Value

Awareness & Reactions

Revamp Camp Awareness The Awareness and Reactions package features:

  • A 14 minute video of Jesse’s “must do” awareness and reactions drills
  • Learn how to get the reps of individual practice but with the reactions of games
  • See how to make quick decisions while protecting the ball
  • Learn how to get rid of hesitations that are costing you opportunities in games
  • These drills will keep you from looking at the ball when you dribble and improve court vision
  • The skills developed in these drills will help fix issues with players that are good in practice, but not in games

Revamp Camp - Awareness & Reactions Smaller$70 Value

Moves & Combos

Revamp Camp Moves The Moves & Combos package features:

  • 3 videos with a total of over 130 minutes of footage
  • Breakdowns of EVERY major 1 dribble move including:
    • 3 types of hesitation setup dribbles and moves from them
    • Protection dribble
    • Crossover
    • Tap crossover
    • Throw crossover
    • Inside out
    • Set behind the back
    • 1-2 step behind the back
    • Between the legs
    • Reverse between the legs
    • Spin move
  • Breakdowns of combo moves and counter-moves including:
    • Shammgod
    • Inside out & crossover
    • V dribble & crossover
    • UTEP 2 Step (Killer Crossover)
    • Regular dribble to kill dribble
    • Kill dribble & crossover
    • Crossover & tapback
    • 2 types of V tapbacks
  • Secrets on how to quickly master each move
  • In depth details of footwork and dribble timing and positioning, body mechanics and more
  • Deadly combo moves that give you counter-move options for tough defenders
  • Tips on how to make each move and combo effective in games
  • See Coach Muench give live corrections on common execution issues

Revamp Camp - Move & Combo Breakdowns Smaller$800 Value


Revamp Camp Scoring The Scoring package includes:

  • A 17 minute video that focuses on simple, effective scoring moves that you can count on
  • Breakdowns on how to attack and finish at the basket
  • Breakdowns on how to set up your jump shot
  • Secrets to improving your shot accuracy
  • A simple way to increase your shooting range
  • Learn easy counter moves for all of your attack moves
  • A quick daily routine that you can practice to explode your scoring in games

Revamp Camp - Scoring smaller$120 Value

Dealing With Defenders

Revamp Camp Dealing With Defenders

The Dealing With Defenders package includes:

  • 3 videos covering a total of 1 hour and 9 minutes of in depth breakdowns and drills
  • Secrets to protecting the basketball and beating high high pressure defenders
  • Multiple ways to deal with second and third defenders when you get into the lane
  • How to beat double teams
  • A game strategy to make the entire game easier so you can score more and get more assists
  • A sneaky setup to put your defender to sleep so you can blow by them
  • How Stephen Curry uses his moves to keep the ball protected at all times
  • A unique drill that teaches you how to protect the ball with moves like Stephen Curry
  • How to read you defender and get past them more consistently
  • How to SET UP your defender to get past them consistently
  • A simple drill to learn how to quickly read and react to your defender with ease
  • A drill that teaches you how to take everything a defender does and make it work AGAINST them
  • Learn when to break one of the “rules” that coaches teach about your crossover
  • See how to use your defender’s positioning to your advantage at all times
  • A way to “read your defender’s mind” and control what they do
  • The biggest key to making your fakes work
  • A simple mental and timing trick to play more comfortably and confidently in games
  • A crossover “split second hack” that will make your crossovers more effective
  • One EASY setup to get a read on your defender so you can beat them
  • Drills and secrets to dealing with contact and physical defenders so you can be strong with the ball, protect it, and power through defenders that reach and hack you

Revamp Camp - Dealing With Defenders Smaller$450 Value

Agility Ladder Drills

Revamp Camp Agility Ladder Drills

The Agility Ladder Drills package includes:

  • A 34 minute video featuring Coach Muench’s “go-to” agility ladder drills
  • A drill to develop precise, cat quick footwork while dribbling with both hands
  • Drills to develop confidence and coordination with multiple foot patterns
  • Learn how to explode forward from set-up moves
  • Crossover drill to improve stance and crossover control
  • A simple jab step drill to teach you how to use your feet to create space
  • Develop a nasty inside out fake with a “quick feet” drill
  • See how to develop the perfect footwork for a devastating hesitation dribble
  • Learn how to put defenders to sleep and blow by them with a simple footwork-dribble drill
  • Improve dribble timing and crossover control with a rhythm cross drill
  • A tough side-scissors drill that takes ball control and footwork to the next level while teaching you how to protect the ball with your body and feet
  • Next level between the legs ladder drill that teaches you how to stay low, while developing footwork and dribbling precision

Revamp Camp - Agility Ladder Drills Smaller$300 Value

What Exactly Do I Get?

Revamp Camp features behind the scenes, streaming videos of the live camp.  You  get access to all of the individual training elements, plus a bunch of bonus content which you can see under the “Whole Camp” tab.

Is This A Program?

No, this is a collection of Coach Muench’s very best drills, moves, tactics for beating defenders, motivation, exercises and more.

You can easily take the content from this camp to create your own program, add them into your current program, or even do the entire 4 day camp on a weekly basis as a training program.

What Age & Level Player Is Revamp Camp For?

All ages and levels.

There are drills, moves, and tips for beginners all the way up to advanced players.

We had a wide range of players at this camp from kids up to high school players.

Some of the drills players were able to pick up quickly, and others even the best players found challenging.

Can Coaches Benefit From Revamp Camp?


In fact these are the same drills Coach Muench uses at many of his camps and clinics around the United States and coaches are often intrigued and shocked by these innovative ways of improving players.

If you’re a coach we’d LOVE for you to use these drills in your camps and practices, and we’re sure your players will make massive improvement because of them.

What If I Need Help?

You can contact us anytime at

What Type of Payments Are Accepted?

We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards.

If you don’t have a credit or debit card you can securely link your bank account to Paypal to make safe payments online.


YES! I'm ready to revamp my entire game with the best training available, play like a superstar, and boost your chances of going pro!

I understand that when I act now, not only do I get the "Revamp Camp" raw footage of a 4 day camp I coached in Cordova, Alaska, but I also get all of the following:

BONUS #1 - full camp and individual areas format, so you can see how a typical camp is run from start to finish, or go right to the area you need to develop most

BONUS #2 - Nearly 1 hour of top-secret footage including NBA player breakdowns, "the handles test", priming and mobility drills, motivation and mental secrets, "the gauntlet" obstacle course, and streetball & freestyle move breakdowns

BONUS #3 - Over an hour of special footage from a clinic I ran in Tampa, Florida - showcasing my craziest moves and tricks in a performance, teaching players my favorite drills and showing them what's necessary to get PRO level handles

Total Value: $3,550Normally: $900Limited Time Offer: $350


Take advantage of this offer while it's still available!

-  Coach Jesse Muench

PS - Every minute you wait to get "Revamp Camp" is another minute you're giving other basketball players to use this breakthrough, raw footage of a 4 day camp I coached in Cordova, Alaska to quickly and easily revamp their entire game with the best training available.

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