Applications For The 2021 Superstar Handles Sessions Are CLOSED.

We Will Update This Page In The Future To Start Accepting Applications For The 2022 Sessions.

"I'm Looking For A Select Few Players To Join My

Superstar Handles Sessions."

"If You Fit What I'm Looking For... You'll Work One-On-One With Me In A SMALL Group Training Session To Help You Go Next Level With Your Ball Control, Ball Handling Speed, Footwork and Moves In Just 3 Days!

There Are Only 10 Spots In The 'Superstar Handles Sessions' - Many Players Come Back Year After Year.  Once We Start Filling Spots For 2020 It Will Fill FAST.

Why Jesse Muench's 'Superstar Handles Sessions' Are

The Closest Thing To INSTANTLY Getting Superstar Handles You'll Ever Experience

My name is Jesse Muench, and for a few years now I've been working closely with players during the summer to help them dramatically improve their handles.
Since I'm always so busy between making videos for one of the biggest basketball training YouTube channels, creating new programs, and working with big NBA stars and companies like Nike, ESPN, and Red Bull, my time is very limited.
Every year I get hundreds of messages from players who want to train with me - some that are new, and some that I've been working with for a few years now and automatically get "first dibs".
So it's VERY rare that there's any openings to train with me.
But if you can see this page right now, then a few spots are open.
You have an extremely limited time opportunity to get one of these hard-to-get spots.
So here's how you can get in (and what it will do for YOU!)
First, you will apply to join the Superstar Handles Sessions.
If I think you're a good fit, I will contact you within 72 hours (3 days) via email to setup a time to talk on the phone.

We'll Get On The Phone For A Strategy Session,

and we'll go over...


Where are your handles at right now?


What are you currently doing to improve?


What do you want to achieve?

Based on this, I'll determine if you're a good fit for these sessions.

If you get accepted to the 'Superstar Handles Sessions', this is what will happen...

You'll hop on a flight, train, car, boat, or whatever it takes to come to train with me (Coach Jesse Muench) in person.

The 'Superstar Handles Sessions' will take place in or near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, just an hour north of Milwaukee.

Our area has some of the most beautiful weather in the world during the summer, and Fond du Lac often makes the list of magazine and websites "Best Places To Live" lists.

In The 'Superstar Handles Sessions' We'll Go Hardcore On These 3 Things:

Skills And Abilities

In order to have superstar handles we need to address all areas of your handles.

You'll get little-known secrets, drills and techniques to help develop all of these areas so you can make instant changes right at the sessions, and know how to continue improving for years to come.

I'll give you individual feedback on how to get to that superstar level in all areas of your handles, including:

- Sticky fingered ball control
- A weak hand that's as good as your strong hand
- Flawless body mechanics
- Lightning speed
- Unshakable, basketball-specific strength
- Eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head court vision and awareness
- Cat-like reactions
- Hypnotic footwork
- An explosive first step

Moves & Combo Moves

Having moves and combos you can count on is the backbone of being an effective player in games.

You won’t find another coach that gets as detailed or in depth on moves and counter moves off the dribble, so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

You’ll learn more than you could ever dream of about moves in these sessions, including:

- Some of my go-to moves, combos and dribbling sequences that I use and teach to players
- Moves to send defenders flying and break ankles
- Moves to create space
- Moves to get past defenders
- Moves to deal with tight defenders
- Setup moves
- Counter moves and how to create combos that work in games
- How to develop a limitless set of moves
- Keys to making moves effective in games
- Secrets to master all of your basic moves by maximizing your speed and control

Knowledge & Mentality

They say it’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him one – well I’m going to go three steps further… I’m to give you the fish, teach you how to fish, and teach you how to TEACH YOURSELF to fish for new kinds of weird sea creatures.

In other words, I’m going to give you IQ and mentality secrets you can apply right away, teach you a ton about the game, and show you how to learn from your experiences as a basketball player so you can make adjustments yourself in the future.

Of all the things you will learn at these sessions, these are the most important, because they will serve you for years and years, and give you the keys to infinite improvement.

We’ll go in detail on some of the most valuable knowledge and mental keys a player can have such as:

- Court IQ
- Knowing how to setup, read and react to your defender
- Game strategies
- Leadership
- Developing goals and habits that will help you succeed
- Keys to remaining confident throughout games and your career
- How to find issues with your game and fix them
- Cures for slumps
- Secrets to get the attention of coaches and scouts
- How to develop your own drills and training programs that adapt to your needs

In The 'Superstar Handles Sessions' We'll Go Hardcore On These 3 Things:

Prizes For Winners Of Contests & Competitions

3 FREE Get Handles Programs Included

Exclusive Get Handles T-Shirts

Access To Footage Of The Entire 2017 Superstar Handles Sessions

Shout Outs On Social Media

Get Featured On The Get Handles YouTube Channel!

Plus More Secret Bonuses That You Can Bring Home From The Sessions!

Who's Coach Jesse Muench?

And Why Should You Want To Train With Him?

Coach Muench is one of the best ball handling coaches in the world right now.  He's also continually a student of the game, looking for new ways to improve.  

He's worked with some of the biggest names in the NBA, such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, Chris Paul, and more.  He's also recognized as one of the top talents in streetball and freestyle handles, and uses that skill and knowledge to help fundamental players think, play and train outside the box in ways that make sense.

Coach Muench is the founder of one of the largest basketball training channels on YouTube (Get Handles Basketball) and has helped millions of players around the world become entirely new players with his unique training methods and teaching style.  He has also been featured by some of the biggest companies in the world such as ESPN, Nike, Red Bull, EA Sports, Jordan, the NCAA, and more.

He's is excited to help you reach your basketball dreams, and the Superstar Handles Sessions is the perfect way to get his one on one attention so you can become an entirely new player in just a few days!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ages Are Allowed In This?

Athletes must be at least 10 years old, with special exceptions made to players with above average skills. The maximum age is 18 years old.  All training will be adapted to each player's age and skill level.

Are Hotel And Travel Included?

No, travel and hotel are NOT included, although we will be helping to get you hotels at a very competitive rate.  More information on this will be available to players that are accepted.

Will There Be Food At The Sessions?

We will have some fruit (apples, bananas, oranges) available for before and during the sessions.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Just basketball clothes (shoes, shorts, shirt), and if you have a good basketball bring that, too!  We have some basketballs at the gym, but they are a bit worn.  Beside that, bring a great attitude, and being willing to both grind and learn a TON! You'll also get a special "Ankle Breaker Pack" on the first day, which includes some of Coach Muench's "must have" training gear!

Can My Parents/Siblings Watch The Session?

Most definitely! Parent and siblings are more than welcome to watch, ask questions, and learn as much as they can!

*NO videotaping of the event is allowed, but pictures are OK!

What If I Have Questions About The Sessions?

If you're accepted to the camp, Coach Muench will send you an email so you can ask any questions you have before or during the sessions!


This LIVE, in-person experience is available to ONLY 10 players. We DON'T want a lot of players to ensure there is personal attention for you from me (Coach Muench). This allows me to figure out how to most quickly take your handles next level and give you the best experience possible during the sessions.

This is limited to the FIRST 10 players who are accepted, and WILL sell out FAST.

The 2021 Superstar Handles Sessions Are FULL.

We Will Update This Page Soon To Start Accepting Applications For The 2022 Sessions.