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MEGA-Game System 

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Get Pro Level Ball Control, Speed, and Footwork
Develop Next Level Court Awareness, Vision, Reactions and IQ
Learn Secrets To Reading Defenders, Setting Them Up & Breaking Them Down
Make Passes You Didn't Even Know You Could Make
Get Deadly Fakes, Crossovers, and Moves
Make Your First Step and Running Speed Blazing Fast
Have Newfound Flexibility And Mobility To Prevent Injury And Move Quickly
Add 6+ Inches To Your Vertical Jump
And Soooo Much More That We Can't Even Fit On This Page!

Ball on a String 2

Included In MEGA-Game System

This is the World's Best Ball Handling Program. Improve as much in 12 weeks as all of last year with Ball on a String 2. It’s the world’s most complete ball handling program, and it’s going to turn you into an absolute MONSTER with the basketball. In just a few weeks you’ll be doing moves like the pros and scoring more points. Gain the skills you need to get you noticed by coaches and scouts today!

Speed Handles 2

Included In MEGA-Game System

You won’t find another program like Speed Handles out there – you’ll learn how to dribble so fast you blur the ball in just a few weeks. With a multifaceted approach to attack every element of a blazing fast handles, and cutting edge training techniques that you won’t find anywhere else, this program’s 118 drills are way ahead of the curve.

Ace Hand

Included In MEGA-Game System

The revolutionary drills in this program were specifically created to transform your "weak hand" into a DOMINANT Ace Hand in 12 weeks or less, doubling your options on offense and making you completely unpredictable. These are the skills you need to be a true superstar on the court.

Ball on a String

Included In MEGA-Game System

INSTANTLY improve your ball control with these groundbreaking progressions of drills that have changed how hundreds of players train their handles. Not only will you build the perfect foundation for you handles, but no matter what level you're at you'll see improvements, and you'll make learning new moves in the future a breeze.

Ultimate Breakdown Moves 2

Included In MEGA-Game System

Discover the secrets to embarrassing defenders that only a streetballer would know. Fundamental basketball can teach you a lot about reading a defender and breaking them down, but fundamental coaches often are afraid to think outside the box. These streetball moves and techniques are completely legal, but give you an inside look at new ways to attacking defenders.

6th Sense

Included In MEGA-Game System

These never-seen-before drills will get you incredible ball control, footwork, crosses and court awareness faster than any other drills you’ll find. You’ll be able to weave the ball around defender’s without even looking at them, and dribble the ball with pinpoint accuracy, making you an unstoppable force off the dribble. At just 10-15 minutes per workout, you'll see the same improvement as a typical 1-2 hour workout, because you develop multiple skills at once. The workouts can be done alone or added to any Get Handles program.


Included In MEGA-Game System

This groundbreaking training will get you that “X factor” that all the superstar players have. You’ll quickly and easily learn what for years coaches thought was unteachable. Get the ability to see plays before they happen, to know where everyone is on the court (even when you can’t see them), to make the ball feel like it’s a part of you at all times and have lightning fast reflexes. This goes way beyond your typical ball handling, passing and scoring training, this gives you Instinct.

Elite Feet

Included In MEGA-Game System

Imagine blowing by a defender with your explosive first step, quickly changing direction with a sharp cut to beat a second defender and then skying to the basket for the spectacular score. All of these things are made possible by your athletic ability, which starts with your feet. Elite Feet will get you lightning fast footwork, unshakable stability, faster running speeds and improved vertical jump - and we teach you how to handle the ball while doing all of this. If you want to play at the next level, you need to step your athleticism up, and this program will help you do exactly that.

Art of the Fake

Included In MEGA-Game System

Fakes can work like magic, but how to make them work well is a mystery . . . until now. With Art of the Fake you’ll discover the simple details that make a fake a work and effective fakes you can put in your game TODAY. You don’t have to be super strong, fast or even have crazy handles to get your shot off, blow by defenders or drop insane assists. If you have convincing fakes you can literally control how your defender moves and create anything you want on the court. The best part is, fakes are mainly a technique, an art that you can learn in minutes. Ready to get started?

2 Ball Grind

Gain new ball handling speed

Get a deadly first step

Get quick footwork so you can fake out defenders

Only takes 10 minutes to do this workout!

Learn secrets to protect the ball

Discover secrets to become a more athletic ball handler

Gain confidence in BOTH hands

Get double the reps and double the improvement in LESS time!

Cheat Code Shooting

The most innovative and complete shooting program in existence - point blank, period. 

 You'll discover tips for improving your shot from head to toe, from setup to release. 

There's 62 drills to boost your IN GAME shooting, 49 form secrets to instantly improve range and shooting percentage, and an infinitely evolving workout that continually adapts to your game and needs so you can improve your shot for years to come. 

You also get quick fixes to instantly get rid of any issues that are keeping your shot from hitting nothing but net.

2 Ball Unstoppable Scoring

Add 8-14 points to your game in days
2 unique, intense and challenging 10 minute workouts boost scoring around the rim with BOTH hands
10 fast-paced drills that develop a variety of crafty finishes, so even taller players can't stop you!
Become a high percentage finisher around the rim in just a few weeks!

Master advanced footwork and finishing moves
Improve your game focus and ability to react to defenders in games
Develop your ability to deal with contact while in the air using a unique new drill!
BONUS: Learn the "Unstoppable Reverse Layup" + a drill to perfect it!

Instant Ankle Breakers: The Unstoppable Attack

15 Secrets To Breaking Ankles & Being Unstoppable Off The Dribble In Minutes
Learn The #1 Key To Make Yourself Deadly Off The Dribble
These Tactics Work Even If You Don't Have Great Handles
Discover The SIMPLE Way Of Reading Any Defender
Learn How To Make Everything A Defender Does Work Against Them
The REAL Keys To Being Effective Off The Dribble In Games Revealed
See Why What Most Coaches Teach About Setups And Attacks Is Dead Wrong
Find Out How To Get Past ANY Defender

Instant Ankle Breakers: Advanced Secrets

Secrets & Detailed Breakdowns For An UNSTOPPABLE Setup You Can Use To Get Past Defenders, Break Ankles, Create Space & More...
Learn The Biggest Secrets To Reading Your Defender So You Can Break Them Down With Ease
Discover How To Easily Make The Right Moves & Counter Moves From Your Setup So You Can Beat Your Defender No Matter What
These Tactics Work Even If You Don't Have Great Handles
Drills, Moves & Workout To Master The Unstoppable Attack
FREE BONUS: Taking Your Setups And Attack Next Level
BONUS: Quick Shot Setup
BONUS: The Startle Setup Move
BONUS: Beating Defenders That Won't Let You Drive

Quick Cross Workout

Improve your crossover speed
Develop combo moves for your crossover
Learn footwork secrets and how to train them
Only takes 5 minutes to do this workout!
Learn secrets to protect the ball
Discover secrets to break more ankles with your crossovers


12 Secrets & Techniques
8 Highlight Handles Drills
3 Crafty Finishing Drills
3 Shifty Footwork Drills
12 Signature Moves
7 Signature 2 Move Combos
5 Signature 3 & 4 Move Combos
7 Drew Streetball Moves
10 Signature Finishes & Scoring Moves
Unlimited Signature Sequence Drills
Workout Checklist
BONUS: 3 Next Level Challenges

Swift Spin

Discover the secrets to making your spin move more effective in MINUTES
See EXACTLY how to set up your spin move and when to do it in games
Develop better footwork for your spin and improve your athleticism
The 2 main types of spins and when to use them revealed
Learn to score off of your spin move
Make your spin move quick, explosive and unstoppable
Get NASTY counter moves and variations that will leave defenders helpless!
BONUS: Develop a spin move that works in high traffic situations so you can get to the rim

Revamp Camp

In the Spring of 2015, the small city of Cordova, Alaska brought Coach Jesse Muench to town to “revamp” their players’ skills and spark new life into their team.

Come get a behind the scenes looks at the very best drills Coach Muench has to offer for taking all aspects of your game to the next level.

He covers everything you need to be a dominant guard on offense including – handles, scoring, speed, footwork, athleticism, reading defenders, faking out defenders, dealing with contact, court awareness, reactions, move execution, combos, warming up, cooling down, and MUCH more.

The entire camp was a total of 16 hours long (4 days of 4 hours each) and we edited the footage to bring you the most important moments.

The entire Revamp Camp package includes over 9 hours of raw, behind the scenes footage, showing you what a game changing camp for the new era of basketball guards looks like.

You get to see what other players look like doing the drills and exercises as Coach Muench gives feedback on how to improve and take their games to the next level.

This is the perfect way for you to see common issues that players encounter so you can avoid them, as well as see the best ways to train to make sure you’re getting maximum improvement from your time in the gym.

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